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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 50261] graceful restart with multiple listeners using prefork MPM can result in hung processes
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2010 09:50:55 GMT

--- Comment #7 from Eric Garreau <> 2010-11-15 04:50:50 EST ---
We also had the same problem on a SunOS/sparc host, and we have replaced
"AcceptMutex pthread" (which is 100% fine on Linux) by "AcceptMutex posixsem"

Our investigations have shown that the current code makes the assumption that
the 'apr_proc_mutex_lock(accept_mutex)' call /may/ exit when the process is
notified of a cancellation.

Unfortunately, pthread_mutex_lock (when "AcceptMutex pthread") is not a
cancellation point, so the call will not exit with a status code different of
APR_SUCCESS, ... and the process will actually continue to wait for the next
time it will be lucky enough to capture the mutex, and then exit thanks to

On SunOS, it seems that the old processes are forgotten by the scheduler, so
they stay visible "forever", until a genuine 'apachectl stop' is called
('apr_proc_mutex_lock()' exits when the mutex is destroyed).

We have used the 'posixsem' type as a quick workaround (a semaphore is a
cancellation point), but not compared the performance drop yet. We have not
tried the 'sysvsem' type because 'posixsem' seemed to work.

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