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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 48691] mod_rewrite lost a ground
Date Sun, 07 Feb 2010 15:48:50 GMT

--- Comment #6 from alex yaroshevich <> 2010-02-07 07:48:48 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> tl;dr version: relying 50% on VirtualDocumentRoot and 50% on per-directory
> rewrites is hard.

Sorry, but not for customer. It`s not intuitive.
When mod_vhost_alias do their job of host virtualization, mod_rewrite do their
self job to rewrites (or not) urls inside host.

I understand that mod_rewrite can do both, but why we have module that is not
useable at full of power? Can we rewrite mod_vhost_alias to mod_vhost_alias2,
for example, which will get all of vhosting troubles to self without any other
a2moddis vhost_alias if you don`t want to use mod_vhost_alias to

Just for understanding why I think that is works wrong.
We have a lot solutions for virtualization our apache. But usually used or
mod_rewrite alone, either mod_vhost_alias+mod_rewrite. mod_rewrite alone is
very hard to use but, as i see, working solution. So look at the second. We can
create hundreds of VirtualHost blocks, and can use VirtualDocumentRoot with
exressions. What you choose? Of course, many people starts trying to use
VirtualDocumentRoot. And its not working solution ;-(, but intuitive. Man
searchs WHY it not works properly, found some solutions based on mod_rewrite,
or tried to write conf-generators. So them spend time, because of no good
And in that time mod_rewrite working after "Virutalization" on each iteration
adds to start of file-path directory. Actually it doesn`t clean it between
iterations as I see bqz have no documentroot or another ground. When we define
some documentroot with virtualdocumentroot it .

Btw, one more possible solution is to add to documentroot some
variables-parsing mechs like %{HTTP_HOST}, or %0, $0 (if it possible,
RewriteCond can write to common variables storage some variables, and, by
default, it can contains parse of http_host like in VirtualDocumentRoot. So the
solution will be to type DocumentRoot and VirtualDocumentRoot in one
VirtualHost block with equal param, for ex: DocumentRoot /path/%-1/%-2.0/%-2/,
VirtualDocumentRoot /path/%-1/%-2.0/%-2/).

By my opinion soft must be intuitive. And creation of common mechs to send
variables to any directive where them can be accessible is very right,
intuitive and useable.

Sorry for a lot of text.

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