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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46333] Variable interpolation should be documented
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 18:17:48 GMT

Nathan Stratton Treadway <> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Nathan Stratton Treadway <> 2009-12-17 10:17:45
UTC ---
I just spent a while trying to find documentation for this functionality, too. 
I was surprised to discover that it has been available since version 2.0a2
(according to e.g.
), but still doesn't seem to be mentioned or explained in the httpd v2.2 or 2.3
documentation anywhere.

I see that since this bug was filed, the configuring.xml file has been updated
to include a mention of the line-length limit:

Perhaps something like the following could be added as well (replacing that new
paragraph with the following slightly modified one):

    <p>The values of shell environment variables can be used in configuration
    file lines using the syntax <code>${ENVVAR}</code>.  If "ENVVAR" is
    the name of a valid environment variable, the value of that
    variable is substituted into that spot on the configuration file line,
    and processing continues as if that text were found directly in the 
    configuration file.  (If the ENVVAR variable is not found, the characters
    "${ENVVAR}" are left unchanged for use by later stages in the config 
    file processing.)</p>

    <p>The maximum length of a line in the configuration file,
    after environment-variable substitution, joining any continued
    lines, and removing leading and trailing white space, is 8192

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