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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 47087] Incorrect request body handling with Expect: 100-continue if the client does not receive a transmitted 300 or 400 response prior to sending its body
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2009 21:26:29 GMT

--- Comment #14 from Andy Wang <> 2009-12-15 13:26:22 UTC ---
We've tested out this patch to see if it solves the problem and indeed it does.
 The behavior we were seeing before, and looking at wireshark captures was
1. Client sends request with Except: 100-continue
2. Server responds with non 100 response (401, 302, whatever) and keep the
keepalive connection open.
3. Client continues to send original request body from #1 without headers
4. Server barfs (and imo, rightly so).

With the patch
1. Client sends request with Expect: 100-continue
2. Server responds with non 100 resopnse and Connection: close
3. Client continues to send original request body
4. Server responds with RST to extra crap from #3.

I think the questions for the comment #12 problem are
1) is it the fact that the keep-alive was broken that caused the problem
2) or is it that the client didn't know what to do with the TCP RST?
two separate problems, but both it seems are a problem with the client not
being resilient enough.

So based on what our tests indicates, this patch seems to do what it needs to
do.  It'd be better if the client was smarter and didn't waste the traffic on
the extra body, but oh well.  Any idea if this is something that might make it
into 2.2 branch sometime soon?

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