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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 48110] Doc of mod_fcgid: "PHP child process management" appears incorrect
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2009 13:26:41 GMT

--- Comment #3 from HWS <> 2009-11-04 05:26:37 UTC ---
More info re "This could mean that a PHP parent with several children would not
be faster than a single PHP process.(I have not really measured this, also
don't know whether mod_fastcgi and mod_fcgid act differently in this respect.)"

I just compared mod_fastcgi and mod_fcgid using PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN = 1 or 2 in
both cases and benchmarking with "ab -n 50 -c 2 http://...." on a
multiprocessor SPARC server (Solaris 10). Indeed, with mod_fastcgi, the time
was halved for PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN=2, whereas this was not the case with
mod_fcgid! Thus, mod_fastcgi is superior in this respect. (On a
single-processor machine, this will probably be irrelevant.) Configuration was:
    FcgidIPCDir /some/dir
    FcgidProcessTableFile /some/file
    FcgidIdleTimeout 0
    FcgidMaxProcesses 1
    FcgidMaxProcessesPerClass 1
    FcgidMinProcessesPerClass 1
    FcgidInitialEnv PHPRC /some/path
    FcgidInitialEnv PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN 2 # or 1 or 0
    FcgidInitialEnv TZ MET
    FcgidFixPathinfo 1

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