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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 47325] Stopping a httpd that was run from console
Date Sun, 07 Jun 2009 15:23:12 GMT

--- Comment #4 from Will Rowe <>  2009-06-07 08:23:10 PST ---
The discussion is welcomed, but remember that console processes are not the
target of the -k stop API.  This is because console processes are launched
through some other facility which should track what should be stopped.

Therefore we keep user-launched console processes attached to the console
window, such that Ctrl+C will stop them.  This is sufficient for testing.
There is also a windows event mechanism that can be used to halt or even
restart httpd.

But the mechanism correlated to Unix daemon processes on Windows are Windows
Services, and therefore this was always the "supported" mechanism.  I'm
considering the various permutations of Ranier's patches to determine which
is best for the user community while being least disruptive to the default.

I'll work up some patches to docs that better clarify this all.

W.R.T. Ranier's comments, although it would also be possible to stop such
services from the Administrator login, it might be necessary for us to add
some games to elevate privileges.  I'll consider such a patch in the coming
weeks, since I already patched ApacheMonitor.exe.

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