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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 47211] Images with Japanese file names not passed correctly to IIS 6
Date Mon, 25 May 2009 23:30:46 GMT

--- Comment #22 from  2009-05-25 16:30:45 PST ---
Nick, Wow! Adding nocanon worked.
The new proxypass:
ProxyPass /aspdir/ http://localhost:8070/aspdir/ nocanon

In researching how to add nocanon, I saw your post:
where you suggested DefaultType None instead of DefaultType text/plain to
address an issue with passing arguments to cgi and js when nocanon is used. I
just tested both "None" and "text/plain" and both work for rendering these
images. Thus, it should still be DefaultType none if nocanon is used? I am
guessing that that is the accepted solution/requirement for nocanon?
AllowEncodedSlashes On, ProxyRequests Off, KeepAlive Off were also configured
according to the above thread. I am guessing that they are
irrelevant/unnecessary for nocanon (although I already have ProxyRequests Off).

Php and perl: Without nocanon, the bug occurs when either one is enabled (and
the other not enabled) as well as when both are enabled. Without nocanon, both
must be disabled to avert the error. To help other folks as well, I am guessing
that I should submit a bug to both the php and perl projects or do you think
just leaving it as nocanon as the accepted workaround is best?

Thank you for all your help in analyzing this bug issue.

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