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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 39369] timefmt config not working in SSI when using INCLUDES output filter and XBitHack On
Date Tue, 17 Mar 2009 14:49:44 GMT

--- Comment #16 from Joe Orton <>  2009-03-17 07:49:40 PST ---
>From a gdb session:

1) yes, there are indeed two adjacent INCLUDES filters in the filter chain

2) at the time that handle_echo() evaluates the DATE_LOCAL variable,
r->subprocess_env has DATE_LOCAL set to the LAZY_VALUE sentinel.

3) it then calls into add_include_vars_lazy() to set up DATE_LOCAL properly

4) add_include_vars_lazy() uses the default timefmt setting from the
configuration -- ignoring any timefmt setting from the SSI script itself

Unverified conjecture: (2) is happening because the second INCLUDES filter is
coming in and nuking the DATE_LOCAL etc set up correctly when the first filter
interpreted the "config timefmt" section.

Avoiding multiple INCLUDES in a filter chain sounds kind of attractive but I'm
not sure why such a configuration should be a explicitly forbidden.

Fixing add_include_vars_lazy() to inherit the script's timefmt setting would
seem to be an alternative fix for this.  Indeed, add_include_vars() already
takes ctx->time_str but ignores it.

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