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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 46634] Requests sometimes take too long, wrong time taken reported in logs
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 17:17:26 GMT

--- Comment #12 from mb <>  2009-02-20 09:17:20 PST ---
It's getting really weird now. The situation is as follows:

1. The line "rv = apr_bucket_read(e, &str, &n, eblock);" in
ap_core_output_filter (core_filters.c) takes more than a second (1000000µs) to
2. When that happens, the return value of apr_bucket_read is 0 (APR_SUCCESS).
3. After apr_bucket_read returns, the value of e->type->name is always "MMAP".
4. After apr_bucket_read returns, the value of e->type->read is always the
address of mmap_bucket_read (apr_buckets_mmap.c).
5. mmap_bucket_read records time on entry and just before "return APR_SUCCESS"
with apr_time_now().
6. A difference of more than 300000µs is _never_ recorded in that function.

So it looks like, calling apr_bucket_read takes over a second, but the called
function never takes more than a third of a second between first and last

Is it possible, that a completely different function is called, i.e. the value
of e->type->read changes due to the call? Could it really take so long to
evaluate e->type->read in the macro apr_bucket_read and do some basic logic of
a function call?

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