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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 38642] mod_rewrite adds path info postfix after a substitution occured
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2008 15:31:35 GMT

--- Comment #9 from Seth Purcell <>  2008-11-12 07:31:34 PST
I just wasted a good amount of time re-discovering and working around this bug
(seven years after it was initially reported?!), as apparently many others
continue to do (since it keeps popping up as a new bug) and I felt I should add
my voice to the call to fix it, lest it continue to be neglected.

Why hasn't the mod_rewrite team fixed such a simple bug after so long? Why
hasn't anyone even taken ownership of this bug (still has status NEW after 2.5
years on bugzilla?) Is there anyone currently working on mod_rewrite, anyone at

I don't think the masses of Apache users such as myself should have to apply a
patch that's been out for more than two years - I'm not familiar enough with
the code to immediately see the non-idealities of the patch, but if the patch
is "good enough", please just roll it out and worry about perfecting it later.
Your users will thank you.

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