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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 45023] DEFLATE preventing 304 NOT MODIFIED response
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2008 18:03:49 GMT

--- Comment #12 from Sidharth Kshatriya <>  2008-09-18 11:03:49
PST ---
Thanks for your response Rahul.

Unfortunately I am new to all of this. I applied Nick's patch to my
mod_deflate.c but I got patching errors...his patch is assuming a slightly
different mod_deflate.c from mine.

Would really appreciate if you were able to direct me to the place (or even
better just gave me the patched mod_deflate.c version) that I could just

[ASIDE: I am using apxs2 -c mod_deflate.c

with LDFLAGS="-lz" set in /usr/bin/aprconfig

I notice that my original depends on libpthread. When I apply
your patch to my file and compile, I don't get dependency with libpthread.]

Please tell me if I would need to do any additional transformations to the file
you would provide me (assuming you can :-) ).

Thanks a Ton!

[Attaching the mod_deflate that I have. This I obtained by issuing
sudo apt-get install apache2-src 
on ubuntu. This is version 2.2.8 Apache]

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