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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 36495] mod_proxy_ajp: ajp_check_msg_header() got bad signature xxxx
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2008 15:50:11 GMT

concentratedawesome <> changed:

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--- Comment #26 from concentratedawesome <>  2008-07-28 08:50:10
PST ---
I don't know if this is relevant to this bug, but I saw this error reliably:

[error] ajp_check_msg_header() got bad signature 420
[error] ajp_ilink_receive() received bad header
[error] ajp_read_header: ajp_ilink_receive failed
[error] (120007)APR does not understand this error
code: proxy: read response failed from (localhost)

when using Apache 2.2.3 & mod_proxy_ajp to proxy a JBoss 4.2.2.GA / Tomcat
5.5.x app.

I found that my JBoss app wasn't setting the content-length response header. 
For some reason, this caused my proxy to fail (503) after a number of requests.
 The number of requests that before failure varied, but the error above always
coincided with the 503s.  Just adding the Content-Length header in my
JBoss/Tomcat app fixed it for me.  It may be relevant to mention that my
proxied app was serving PDFs (w/ MIME application/pdf), not text/html.

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