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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 43494] mod_cgid does not kill never ending scripts
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2008 18:57:53 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Jeff Trawick <>  2008-07-25 11:57:52 PST ---
It would be best to make use of the existing nonblock+poll timeout
implementation in apr, such that when the apr-wrapped AF_UNIX socket is read
from, read will return APR_TIMEUP at the right time.  The current apr
representation of the AF_UNIX socket may not be the best choice, or we may not
be setting it up properly.  (Or this may be a hopeless goal without new apis in
apr trunk :( )

If at all possible, mod_cgid should avoid threads; having a single-threaded
process to fork/setup/exec the children is a feature to avoid unexpected
inheritance.  One specialized thread to worry about shouldn't be too hard, but
even in the current implementation I am hoping the inheritance of the
occasional locked state of new mutex would get repaired automatically once the
child does exec() and we wouldn't need to use pthread_atfork().

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