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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 45374] Shared memory error on starting httpd with mod_ldap
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 17:14:32 GMT

--- Comment #2 from Philippe Duveau <>  2008-07-10 10:14:31 PST
In fact, you know like me that httpd is working with a "watch dog" and a child
to do the job. In this case the problem is systematic because the shared memory
is created by the watch dog (post config hook) and when the child tries to
created it the shared memory is ALWAYS already existing. 

Before the version 1.2.11 of APR the test made on apr/shmem/win32/shm.c:140 was
ALWAYS "false" because the two values were in two different ranges of errors
(the WINAPI one <15000 and APR_OS one >720000). So even if the file was
existing, it was not detect as existing. With the last versions, the detection
is efficient.

So please take a time to try the proposed configuration (which is so simple
that it can not contains misconfiguration) on Windows XP/2003 with an APR
1.2.11 (as proposed with 2.2.8) or more, you will see that if you launch httpd
with -X (no watch dog) it works and if you launch it with the watch dog it fail
to start.

Perhaps, the real solution is to create shared memory form a child_init hook
instead of creating it from a post_config one. This should avoid the conflict
between the "watch dog" and the child.

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