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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 44592] mod_proxy fails to send post request to backend server
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2008 12:57:56 GMT

--- Comment #16 from Spil <>  2008-06-25 05:57:55 PST ---
Still analyzing the captures. And not understanding what I see.

Seems that the POST header is in one SSL session, the POST body is in the next
SSL session.

Example : Framenumber, Time, S(erver), C(lient):port

3045 C:1530->S POST /sap(<cookie>)/........
3046 C:1530->S continuation of 3045 upto end of headers + 0D0A0D0A
3047 C:1530->S [FIN,ACK]
3050 C:1531->S [SYN]
3052 S->C:1530 [ACK] 
3054 S->C:1531 [SYN,ACK]
3061 C:1531->S Client Hello
3062 S->C:1531 Server Hello
3063 C:1531->S Client Key Exchange
3064 S->C:1531 Change Cipher Spec, Finished
3065 C:1531->S POST body
3066 C:1531->S continuation of POST

Problem in the Wireshark (Win32 1.0.0) version is that the Decrypted SSL shows
the complete POST (header and body) so we inadvertedly assumed the POST was
complete. The payload of the header is 1460+61 bytes, the payload of the body
1948 bytes. Wireshark shows the complete POST whichever TCP stream I select,
indicating that Wireshark is able to figure out that this is in fact one http

Is this an error with the client or is it an error with the server?

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