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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 44806] Set the IP address+port used for backend proxy requests.
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2008 20:59:06 GMT

--- Comment #24 from D. Stussy <>  2008-06-05 13:59:05
PST ---
1)  If it works for you in the current source tree (v 2.3-prerelease), then so
be it.  I found my way to ""
but saw no way to download a current snapshot at once as an archive.  Is there
someone else who can test it?  We should have someone else look at this anyway.

2)  Looking back at the code and the manual, I'm wondering if we should also
try to implement a version at the proxy worker level (via the ProxyPass or
PorxySet commands).  That is, different workers and different backend sites
could have different settings than the main configuration.  Maybe it should
only be allowed in "balancer" declarations.  I have not looked into how
feasible this is - and maybe it should be opened as a separate feature request.
 Your option.

3)  Documentation - Revision for syntax:

Command: ProxyBindAddress (hostname|address-literal)[:port+range]
Context: server config, virtual host

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