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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 44806] Set the IP address+port used for backend proxy requests.
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2008 07:44:15 GMT

--- Comment #16 from D. Stussy <>  2008-06-03 00:44:15
PST ---
RE: Comment #13

1)  "port value to apr_sockaddr_info_get()?"  I don't know if it's significant
or not for most admins - but it is one of the input values, so perhaps there is
a reason that hasn't revealed itself to us:  It's passed to find_addresses()
which passes it to call_resolver() which uses it with the AIX OS to set/modify
the "servname" parameter to getaddrinfo().  I don't use AIX, but it appears
significant to that OS.  Therefore, for portability, it should be passed.

One thing that I did notice:  If we're allocating a ProxyBindAddress address
list where one already exists (e.g. server reconfiguration via signal HUP), we
should free any existing list before assigning a new value in the parser:

  if (psf->bind_addr != NULL) freeaddrinfo(psf->bind_addr);

Otherwise, we could cause a slow memory leak over time.  Reading
getaddrinfo()'s man page reminded me of this.

2)  If you want to specifically allow the "ip:port+0" case, then MIN_RANGE may
be set to equal 0.  I took your comment that setting the range so that only a
single port was available as "not sane" to mean that you felt such should not
be allowed.  I suggested a value of 8 so that there would always be a minimum
of 8 worker ports available.  We still need to reject negative values for "r",
so checking (r < some_value) still needs to be there.

RE: Comment #14

It's still faster to evaluate "1" over "r+1" even if they yield the same result
(of 1) because r = 0.

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