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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 44755] Piped logs use two file descriptors per logfile ( was 1:1 with previous versions)
Date Thu, 24 Apr 2008 14:46:16 GMT

--- Comment #5 from Owen Boyle <>  2008-04-24 07:46:15 PST ---
I have tested various patches against a production config with 70 piped logs
and have to say the the problem has improved but is still present. For each
mix, I counted N, the number of S_IFIFO lines in the pfiles output (NB this is
Solaris 10). What I find, with identical config, is:

1) Version 2.2.6, N = 109

2) Version 2.2.8, unpatched, N = 247

3) Version 2.2.8, with original patch of Joe Orton, N = 177

4) Version 2.2.8, with patch of Orton and Pluem, N = 177

What seems to happen is, for M piped logs, the unpatched 2.2.8 has 2M-2 more
file descriptors than the reference 2.2.6. With either of the patches, the
excess goes down to M-2.

Ignoring the -2 term (probably because I have two pipes that are outside of
VirtualHost containers), it looks like the patches fix one leak of FDs.
However, there must be another leak somewhere... 

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