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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 44639] Segmentation fault 11 errors right after server started up
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2008 19:29:55 GMT

--- Comment #18 from Dave <>  2008-03-24 12:29:54 PST ---
(In reply to comment #17)
> So we see, that you are loading "foreign" ldap libs. It's likely that they are
> not compatible with the Solaris nsswitch.
> If you want to understand how to avoid it (and why this doesn't happen for
> httpd 1.3) you might need to find out, why the libs from /app/local/padl/lib
> get loaded. You could e.g. use ldd or better "ldd -v" against the various libs
> in pmap to find out, which one loads those unwanted libs.
> If you think you don't need them and you don't want them, make sure that you
> don't have /app/local/padl/lib in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH (not only during
> runtime, but also during compilation). Then those libs should not have a chance
> to get included.
> The only exception would be if one of the three other none system libs, that
> you use during build
> /app/local/lib/
> /app/local/ssl/lib/
> /app/local/ssl/lib/
> were previously compiled with a dependency against any lib in
> /app/local/padl/lib. But those usually don't have a foreign dependency and also
> I assume you use the same ones for building your httpd 1.3.

Thanks for the hints. Yes those libs in /app/local/padl/lib do look suspicous. 
The Apache I built is against the Solaris 9 /usr/lib/ The
/app/local/padl/lib is not in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH nor in compilation. I wonder
if other PATHs get set besides LD_LIBRARY_PATH when Apache is started by root
but ran as the user specified in the "User" directive in httpd.conf.

As I mentioned, the current work around is to start the Apache as non-root user
on port other than 80. So I think either the non-root user has different
LD_LIBRARY_PATH set comparing to root or it didn't even (need to) contact ldap
server for group privilege validation.
But again, as for Apache 1.3, it's still unclear to me. Maybe Apache1.3 is
loading the Solaris system or nss_ldap from /usr/lib.

To clarify this, I am asking the customer to run the pmap against a child
process id in the following working scenarios:
1. Run as non-root user on port 8080
2. Run Apache 1.3
Hopefully the pmap results will indicate different or nss_ldap are
used and that should explain the cause of this issue.

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