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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 44639] Segmentation fault 11 errors right after server started up
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2008 21:14:51 GMT

--- Comment #17 from Rainer Jung <>  2008-03-21 14:14:51 PST
So we see, that you are loading "foreign" ldap libs. It's likely that they are
not compatible with the Solaris nsswitch.

If you want to understand how to avoid it (and why this doesn't happen for
httpd 1.3) you might need to find out, why the libs from /app/local/padl/lib
get loaded. You could e.g. use ldd or better "ldd -v" against the various libs
in pmap to find out, which one loads those unwanted libs.

If you think you don't need them and you don't want them, make sure that you
don't have /app/local/padl/lib in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH (not only during
runtime, but also during compilation). Then those libs should not have a chance
to get included.

The only exception would be if one of the three other none system libs, that
you use during build


were previously compiled with a dependency against any lib in
/app/local/padl/lib. But those usually don't have a foreign dependency and also
I assume you use the same ones for building your httpd 1.3.

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