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Subject Bug report for Apache httpd-2 [2007/07/01]
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2007 06:09:26 GMT
| Bugzilla Bug ID                                                           |
|     +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
|     | Status: UNC=Unconfirmed NEW=New         ASS=Assigned                |
|     |         OPN=Reopened    VER=Verified    (Skipped Closed/Resolved)   |
|     |   +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   | Severity: BLK=Blocker     CRI=Critical    MAJ=Major             |
|     |   |           MIN=Minor       NOR=Normal      ENH=Enhancement       |
|     |   |   +-------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   | Date Posted                                                 |
|     |   |   |          +--------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   |          | Description                                      |
|     |   |   |          |                                                  |
| 7483|Ass|Enh|2002-03-26|Add FileAction directive to assign a cgi interpret|
| 7741|Ass|Nor|2002-04-04|some directives may be placed outside of proper co|
| 7862|New|Enh|2002-04-09|suexec never log a group name.                    |
| 8713|New|Min|2002-05-01|No Errorlog on PROPFIND/Depth:Infinity            |
| 9727|New|Min|2002-06-09|Double quotes should be flagged as T_HTTP_TOKEN_ST|
| 9945|New|Enh|2002-06-18|[PATCH] new funtionality for apache bench         |
|10114|Ass|Enh|2002-06-21|Negotiation gives no weight to order, only q value|
|10154|Ass|Nor|2002-06-23|ApacheMonitor interferes with service uninstall/re|
|10775|Ass|Cri|2002-07-13|SCRIPT_NAME wrong value                           |
|11035|New|Min|2002-07-22|[PatchAvailable] Apache adds double entries to hea|
|11294|New|Enh|2002-07-30|desired vhost_alias option                        |
|11427|Opn|Maj|2002-08-02|Possible Memory Leak in CGI script invocation     |
|11540|Inf|Nor|2002-08-07|ProxyTimeout ignored                              |
|11580|Opn|Enh|2002-08-09|generate Content-Location headers                 |
|11997|Inf|Maj|2002-08-23|NT MPM assertion "(rv >= 0) && (rv < threads_creat|
|12033|Opn|Nor|2002-08-26|Graceful restart immidiately result in [warn] long|
|12340|Inf|Nor|2002-09-05|WindowsXP proxy, child process exited with status |
|12680|New|Enh|2002-09-16|Digest authentication with integrity protection   |
|13029|New|Nor|2002-09-26|Win32 mod_cgi failure with non-ASCII characters in|
|13599|Ass|Nor|2002-10-14|autoindex formating broken for multibyte sequences|
|13603|New|Nor|2002-10-14|incorrect DOCUMENT_URI in mod_autoindex with Heade|
|13661|Ass|Enh|2002-10-15|Apache cannot not handle dynamic IP reallocation  |
|13986|Opn|Enh|2002-10-26|remove default MIME-type                          |
|14090|New|Maj|2002-10-30|mod_cgid always writes to main server error log   |
|14104|Opn|Enh|2002-10-30|not documented: must restart server to load new CR|
|14206|New|Maj|2002-11-04|DirectoryIndex circumvents -FollowSymLinks option |
|14227|Ass|Nor|2002-11-04|Error handling script is not started (error 500) o|
|14496|New|Enh|2002-11-13|Cannot upgrade 2.0.39 -> 2.0.43. Must uninstall fi|
|14922|Inf|Enh|2002-11-28|<target> is currently hardcoded to 'apache2'      |
|15233|Opn|Enh|2002-12-10|move AddType application/x-x509-ca-cert from ssl.c|
|15235|New|Enh|2002-12-10|add application/x-x509-email-cert, application/x-x|
|15719|Inf|Nor|2002-12-30|WebDAV MOVE to destination URI which is content-ne|
|15857|Opn|Nor|2003-01-07|MUST handle "chunked" response with a 16385Byte-lo|
|15859|Opn|Nor|2003-01-07|wrong Content-Length header is forwarded when de-c|
|15865|New|Nor|2003-01-07|proxy forwards response headers matching Connectio|
|15866|New|Nor|2003-01-07|cache MUST treat incomplete cached response as par|
|15868|New|Nor|2003-01-07|some HTTP methods MUST cause a cache to invalidate|
|16057|Ass|Maj|2003-01-14|module fails to init client_rmm and applies too ma|
|16126|New|Nor|2003-01-15|cache mishandles If-None-Match                    |
|16133|New|Nor|2003-01-15|validation of no-cache responses with Expires head|
|16136|Opn|Nor|2003-01-15|Cache-Control: min-fresh is ignored               |
|16137|Opn|Nor|2003-01-15|Max-Forwards MUST NOT be added                    |
|16138|New|Nor|2003-01-15|old Warning headers MUST be deleted               |
|16139|New|Nor|2003-01-15|no-transform prohibits Content-Type               |
|16140|New|Nor|2003-01-15|invalid byte-range-set MUST be ignored            |
|16142|New|Maj|2003-01-15|MUST use strong comparison for Range requests     |
|16402|Ass|Enh|2003-01-24|%{REQUEST_FILENAME} needs lookahead in order to co|
|16518|Ass|Nor|2003-01-28|unexpected 1xx responses MUST be forwarded        |
|16521|New|Nor|2003-01-29|caches MUST treat invalid Expires values as in the|
|16593|Ass|Nor|2003-01-30|PUT/If-match (etag) handling seems to be broken   |
|16761|Inf|Nor|2003-02-04|CustomLog with pipe spawns process during config  |
|16801|New|Enh|2003-02-05|htaccess: Require "nobody"/none                   |
|16802|New|Enh|2003-02-05|Additional AllowOverride directive "Restrict"     |
|16811|Ass|Maj|2003-02-05|mod_autoindex always return webpages in UTF-8.    |
|17080|Inf|Min|2003-02-14|Installation failure                              |
|17107|New|Min|2003-02-16|Windows should not install printenv               |
|17114|New|Enh|2003-02-17|Please add strip and install-strip targets to Make|
|17210|Inf|Nor|2003-02-19|File Description taken fron wrong file            |
|17238|New|Enh|2003-02-20|incremental "Require" directive                   |
|17239|Opn|Enh|2003-02-20|mention the logical relation of multiple "Require"|
|17244|Ass|Nor|2003-02-20|./configure --help gives false information regardi|
|17497|Opn|Nor|2003-02-27|mod_mime_magic generates incorrect response header|
|17629|New|Nor|2003-03-04|filter handling issues with subrequests and intern|
|17792|New|Min|2003-03-07|MaxClients directive invalid prior to ServerLimit |
|18325|New|Enh|2003-03-25|PAM support for suEXEC                            |
|18334|Inf|Cri|2003-03-25|Server crashes when authenticating users against L|
|18388|Opn|Nor|2003-03-26|Set-Cookie header not honored on 304 (Not modified|
|18497|New|Min|2003-03-30|configure --help gives wrong default for sysconfdi|
|18580|New|Nor|2003-04-01|Httpd service and some functionallity             |
|18805|Ass|Nor|2003-04-08|Problem Obtaining Files Named with ASCII Special C|
|19043|New|Min|2003-04-15|Interesting interaction between cern_meta module a|
|19188|Ass|Enh|2003-04-21|ProxyPass'ing to HTTPS server via proxy does not w|
|19439|Ass|Nor|2003-04-29|proxy MUST append Via in responses                |
|19441|Inf|Nor|2003-04-29|cache ignores no-cache request directive          |
|19442|New|Nor|2003-04-29|1xx response handling                             |
|19670|New|Enh|2003-05-05|content type header supplied upon PUT is thrown aw|
|19677|New|Nor|2003-05-05|restarted Apache processes on Windows lost to pare|
|19938|New|Enh|2003-05-15|[PATCH] local access wildcard word: "Allow from He|
|20036|Ass|Nor|2003-05-19|Trailing Dots stripped from PATH_INFO environment |
|20277|New|Nor|2003-05-27|Unable to use shares as DocumentRoot/VirtualDocume|
|20414|Ass|Enh|2003-06-02|DirectoryIndex accumulation                       |
|20695|Ass|Maj|2003-06-12|deadlock when mod_proxy used with mod_ext_filter  |
|21253|New|Nor|2003-07-01|Mime magic doesn't continue if type is specifed fo|
|21272|New|Enh|2003-07-02|Support for full fixed reverse mappings           |
|21335|Ass|Cri|2003-07-04|if apache doesn't start cleanly - SSL fails to sta|
|21425|Opn|Nor|2003-07-09|AcceptEx failed [semaphore timeout period has expi|
|21430|Inf|Cri|2003-07-09|Caching proxy with low timeout causes crash       |
|21533|Ass|Cri|2003-07-11|Multiple levels of htacces files can cause mod_aut|
|21645|Inf|Maj|2003-07-16|Child processes die after each request ( after con|
|22005|New|Nor|2003-07-30|Win32: "Help I'm Stuck!" menu item leads to dead e|
|22138|Inf|Cri|2003-08-05|Webdav is not preccessing special chars right.    |
|22237|New|Enh|2003-08-08|option to disable ServerSignature on index pages  |
|22484|Opn|Maj|2003-08-16|semaphore problem takes httpd down                |
|22686|Opn|Nor|2003-08-25|ab: apr_poll: The timeout specified has expired (7|
|22870|New|Nor|2003-09-02|Apache 2.0 logging bogus transfer info            |
|22898|Opn|Nor|2003-09-02|nph scripts with two HTTP header                  |
|22902|Ass|Enh|2003-09-02|add feature "RemoveOutputFilterByType"            |
|22920|New|Nor|2003-09-04|Apache should not add Content-Type header when the|
|22951|Ass|Min|2003-09-05|ProxyErrorOverride On sends wrong Content-length h|
|23181|Inf|Nor|2003-09-15|status 304 (Not modified) and chuncking leads to a|
|23223|New|Blk|2003-09-17|mod_header corrupted value when dealing with multi|
|23238|New|Cri|2003-09-18|non-async-signal-safe operations from signal handl|
|23287|Ass|Nor|2003-09-20|mod_deflate does not properly format decompressed |
|23295|New|Nor|2003-09-20|Escape problem in mod_rewrite [P] action...       |
|23330|New|Enh|2003-09-22|Enhance ApacheMonitor to view and control Tomcat s|
|23444|New|Enh|2003-09-26|problem with mapped network drives                |
|23501|New|Nor|2003-09-29|[mod_rewrite] incorrect load balancing solution   |
|23567|New|Cri|2003-10-02|splitting brigades eats memory proportional to num|
|23616|Inf|Maj|2003-10-06|rotatelogs.exe stays in memory after apache is ter|
|23673|Ass|Enh|2003-10-08|AllowCONNECT cannot be configured to allow connect|
|23738|Opn|Nor|2003-10-10|Proxy error page is confusing with default setting|
|23911|Inf|Cri|2003-10-18|CGI processes left defunct/zombie under 2.0.54    |
|23967|Opn|Nor|2003-10-21|Single process server leaves PID file when interru|
|24031|New|Enh|2003-10-23|Passphrase protected private key in SSLProxyMachin|
|24243|New|Enh|2003-10-30|mod_autoindex enhancement ('IndexIgnoreRemove' opt|
|24403|New|Cri|2003-11-04|IPv6 Enabled Apache2.0.48 keeps consuming 100% CPU|
|24768|New|Nor|2003-11-18|RemoveHandler without effect                      |
|24879|New|Nor|2003-11-21|Access violation when shutting down Apache service|
|24890|Opn|Nor|2003-11-21|Apache config parser should not be local aware ( g|
|25014|New|Enh|2003-11-26|A flexible interface for mod_log_config           |
|25137|New|Enh|2003-12-02|Backport of atomics from 2.1 to fdqueue.c         |
|25201|New|Enh|2003-12-04|Provide Cache Purge operation                     |
|25202|New|Nor|2003-12-04|Substitution of national characters               |
|25233|Opn|Nor|2003-12-05|Can't find Berkeley DB on FreeBSD                 |
|25240|New|Enh|2003-12-05|SSL Library Error: 336105671 logged as information|
|25435|New|Enh|2003-12-11|sethandler and directoryindex not playing nice    |
|25471|New|Enh|2003-12-12|Allow --enable-mods-shared=max                    |
|25484|Opn|Cri|2003-12-12|Non-service Apache cannot be stopped in WinXP     |
|25543|New|Nor|2003-12-15|mod_usertrack does not set the cookie if the reque|
|25641|Inf|Nor|2003-12-19|url have chinese parameter value as:http://localho|
|25656|New|Min|2003-12-19|server-status reports wrong value of "Total Traffi|
|25667|New|Nor|2003-12-19|Memory leak in function ssl_scache_dbm_retrieve().|
|25785|New|Enh|2003-12-28|Howto does not mention SSLEngine On               |
|25863|New|Enh|2004-01-02|new per-host initialization hooks                 |
|25917|Opn|Enh|2004-01-05|mod_rewrite should be capable of sending back a HT|
|25947|Ass|Maj|2004-01-07|mod_proxy: illegal remove of Proxy-Authorization h|
|25969|Opn|Nor|2004-01-07|smartquotes when sent from IE break CGI           |
|25979|New|Nor|2004-01-08|rotatelogs.exe make apache -k restart stuck       |
|25989|New|Cri|2004-01-08|segfault - assertion "rv == APR_SUCCESS" failed   |
|26005|Inf|Nor|2004-01-08|SERVER_NAME incorrect when using IPv6 address in U|
|26052|Opn|Enh|2004-01-12|DOCUMENT_ROOT environment variable set incorrectly|
|26142|New|Maj|2004-01-14|EnableSendFile Off for Windows XP Home            |
|26153|Opn|Cri|2004-01-15|Apache cygwin directory traversal vulnerability   |
|26368|New|Min|2004-01-23|File extensions in AddDescription treated as part |
|26446|New|Nor|2004-01-26|flush buckets followed by eos bucket emit multiple|
|26478|New|Enh|2004-01-28|mod_dav does not expose a method for setting the D|
|26505|New|Enh|2004-01-28|Please add MIME type for PalmOS files             |
|26538|New|Enh|2004-01-29|windows 2003 active directory - [ldap_search_ext_s|
|26682|New|Nor|2004-02-05|ErrorDocument 502 does not work with mod_rewrite w|
|26686|Inf|Cri|2004-02-05|ldap cache processing loop                        |
|26781|Inf|Maj|2004-02-08|ab (apache benchmark) does not work               |
|26798|Inf|Nor|2004-02-09|Forbidden while tried to access the URL which cont|
|26835|New|Enh|2004-02-10|[PATCH] Mod_status Readability & Browser Side Tabl|
|26938|Opn|Blk|2004-02-14|Interrupted Installation                          |
|27160|Inf|Nor|2004-02-23|Configure fails to find rm or awk ++              |
|27233|Inf|Nor|2004-02-25|mod_cache ignores presence of Cache-Control direct|
|27257|Ass|Enh|2004-02-26|rotatelogs with getopt and setuid                 |
|27578|New|Enh|2004-03-10|made getlastmodified a writable property          |
|27653|New|Nor|2004-03-14|memory leak of loaded public key                  |
|27715|Ass|Enh|2004-03-16|Client sending misformed Range "bytes = 0-100" ins|
|27787|Ass|Min|2004-03-18|%{foobar}o does not give all 'foobar' lines from h|
|27791|Inf|Nor|2004-03-18|mod_cache doesn't re-cache expired content        |
|27834|New|Nor|2004-03-22|Proxyied FTP directories without / generate wrong |
|27835|New|Enh|2004-03-22|When proxying FTP, all errors turns into 404      |
|27836|New|Nor|2004-03-22|install- targets should use $(INSTALL_*)          |
|27869|New|Enh|2004-03-23|stopping and starting httpd again immediately caus|
|28037|New|Nor|2004-03-30|logging: ${cookie}C matches first substring       |
|28112|New|Nor|2004-04-01|Directive SSLCACertificatePath mentions a Makefile|
|28144|New|Nor|2004-04-01|mozilla seems to stumble on a https 1.1 site with |
|28175|New|Nor|2004-04-03|memory leak in apache child process for proxypass |
|28310|New|Nor|2004-04-09|--enable-mods-shared=all does not build all module|
|28391|New|Enh|2004-04-14|CO (cookie) flag does not support session-based ex|
|28410|Opn|Min|2004-04-15|mod_dir does trailing slash redirect on <Location>|
|28515|New|Nor|2004-04-21|A reference to a broken symbolic link results in a|
|28574|Ass|Nor|2004-04-24|Return links on Customizable ErrorDocument pages a|
|28589|New|Min|2004-04-26|Apache Monitor fails to start/restart Apache2 succ|
|28825|Ass|Nor|2004-05-07|Installer does not create Apache2 Service on Windo|
|28854|Inf|Nor|2004-05-09|Build fails with missing library call on Solaris i|
|28903|New|Enh|2004-05-11|Hooks to add environment variables to CGI and othe|
|29090|Ass|Enh|2004-05-19|MultiviewsMatch NegotiatedOnly extensions not resp|
|29165|New|Nor|2004-05-24|Parent directory icon not correct                 |
|29190|New|Enh|2004-05-24|Error logging per vhost consuming all available fi|
|29201|New|Enh|2004-05-25|NID_userId should be used to obtain UID from clien|
|29260|New|Enh|2004-05-27|new v-hosting features desired                    |
|29353|Unc|Nor|2004-06-03|Apache 2 removes lines if the HTM file exceeds 300|
|29404|Ass|Enh|2004-06-05|Allow definition of source address of outgoing con|
|29427|Inf|Maj|2004-06-07|Apache restart (service) randomly causes applicati|
|29446|New|Enh|2004-06-08|want directive for setting content negotiation qua|
|29449|New|Enh|2004-06-09|Limit length of specified fields in LogFormat     |
|29450|New|Enh|2004-06-09|Improved logging for mod_access                   |
|29510|Ass|Enh|2004-06-10|ab does not support multiple cookies              |
|29644|Ver|Nor|2004-06-17|mod_proxy keeps downloading even after the client |
|29647|Inf|Nor|2004-06-17|Strange interaction between "ErrorDocument" direct|
|29744|Ass|Enh|2004-06-22|CONNECT does not work over existing SSL connection|
|29771|Ass|Maj|2004-06-23|apxs -q CFLAGS_SHLIB and CFLAGS broken            |
|29773|New|Nor|2004-06-24|FTP proxy connects to incorrect destination port  |
|29822|New|Enh|2004-06-26|implement FTP 'PUT' support in proxy_ftp.c        |
|29889|New|Nor|2004-07-02|Please add application/vnd.wordperfect to mime.typ|
|29901|New|Blk|2004-07-03|mod_ext_filter hangs is data returned by filter is|
|29928|New|Nor|2004-07-06|mod_auth isn't applying AuthAuthoritative directiv|
|29941|Ass|Enh|2004-07-06|log files are not tested for availability on confi|
|30021|New|Min|2004-07-10|mod_rewrite documentation for 2.0 API Phases still|
|30190|New|Nor|2004-07-19|PNG icons are not transparent                     |
|30195|New|Enh|2004-07-19|add proxy backend src port to r->notes for logging|
|30259|Ass|Enh|2004-07-22|When proxy connects to backend, a DNS lookup is do|
|30336|Inf|Nor|2004-07-27|VirtualHost directive causes quiet crash.         |
|30370|Inf|Nor|2004-07-28|Pages cached in more than one cache remain stale a|
|30505|New|Min|2004-08-05|Apache logs 'Error' instead of 'Information' to wi|
|30586|New|Nor|2004-08-11|Apache htdbm utility buffer overflows/format strin|
|30659|New|Enh|2004-08-13|Add a 'memory-cache-status' handler               |
|30722|New|Nor|2004-08-18|ProxyPass results in an occasional DNS lookup fail|
|30730|Inf|Nor|2004-08-18|[PatchAvailable] mod_actions and Server-Status    |
|30773|New|Nor|2004-08-20|mod_dir redirection produces unexpected results wi|
|30865|Inf|Nor|2004-08-26|mod_disk_cache leaves many temporary files slowing|
|31030|New|Nor|2004-09-03|mod_cache does not seem to process CacheIgnoreCach|
|31078|New|Min|2004-09-06|doc for mod_autoindex's headername invoking cgi   |
|31127|New|Min|2004-09-08|ap_get_scoreboard_{worker,process} has to lax rang|
|31210|New|Maj|2004-09-14|Problematic competition between mod_rewrite and mo|
|31302|Opn|Cri|2004-09-19|suexec doesn't execute commands if they're not in |
|31311|New|Enh|2004-09-20|Remote user not logged in reverse proxy scenario  |
|31332|Ass|Enh|2004-09-21|enable environment variables in LDAP require group|
|31352|Ass|Enh|2004-09-21|RFE, Bind to LDAP server with browser supplier use|
|31366|Inf|Cri|2004-09-22|Stopping Apache2 service causes libapr.dll to cras|
|31383|New|Enh|2004-09-23|OCSP support                                      |
|31418|Opn|Nor|2004-09-25|SSLUserName is not usable by other modules        |
|31440|New|Nor|2004-09-27|htpasswd salt generation weakness                 |
|31484|New|Maj|2004-09-30|Custom environment variables not passed to content|
|31490|New|Nor|2004-09-30|mod_proxy_ftp renders filenames with spaces badly |
|31565|New|Enh|2004-10-06|Won't start correctly if parent closed stdin, stdo|
|31679|New|Enh|2004-10-12|If the argument of a CGI has two or more consecuti|
|31709|Inf|Nor|2004-10-13|Raises an error on SSL name based virtualhosts (wi|
|31712|New|Enh|2004-10-14|config_file is NULL at ap_walk_config etc         |
|31781|Opn|Nor|2004-10-19|RewriteRule does not allow environment variables i|
|31822|New|Nor|2004-10-21|mod_proxy as reverse proxy brokes  images (seems t|
|31915|Inf|Min|2004-10-27|Misconfiguration lead to *silent* crash           |
|31919|New|Nor|2004-10-27|Logging with pipe does not work as described in ma|
|31952|New|Enh|2004-10-29|mod_proxy and RealPlayer: audio content streaming |
|31956|New|Enh|2004-10-29|dump configuration data for apache                |
|32121|New|Min|2004-11-08|16bit CGI failure                                 |
|32136|Inf|Blk|2004-11-09|mod_auth_ldap crashes apache server               |
|32147|New|Enh|2004-11-10|provide finer grained control over enabling/disabl|
|32185|New|Nor|2004-11-11|The requested URL was not found on this server    |
|32224|Inf|Nor|2004-11-13|rotatelogs.exe does not rotate file               |
|32285|New|Nor|2004-11-17|Order doc can be misinterpreted                   |
|32328|Opn|Enh|2004-11-19|Make mod_rewrite escaping optional / expose intern|
|32346|New|Enh|2004-11-22|mod_include/include virtual checks content-type is|
|32486|New|Min|2004-12-02|TLS Upgrade: Duplicate Upgrade Headers            |
|32497|Inf|Maj|2004-12-02|htdbm data created is not recognized by a mod_auth|
|32524|New|Enh|2004-12-03|ab: add an option to specify a source address     |
|32622|New|Nor|2004-12-10|timefmt ignored for LAST_MODIFIED etc when no lang|
|32652|New|Enh|2004-12-12|mod_ssl: match hostnames against subjectAltName DN|
|32703|Inf|Enh|2004-12-14|Cannot determine that Apache is frozen if /var fil|
|32730|Opn|Nor|2004-12-16|Error 500 on Non-UTF-8 Encoded PATH_INFO on Window|
|32731|Inf|Nor|2004-12-16|Error reading from remote server                  |
|32735|Inf|Min|2004-12-16|mod_cache caches incomplete page                  |
|32750|Inf|Maj|2004-12-17|mod_proxy + Win32DisableAcceptEx = memory leak    |
|32823|Inf|Maj|2004-12-23|(OS 2)The system cannot find the file specified   |
|32877|New|Enh|2004-12-29|wrong utf-8 encoding/escaping in a href for umlaut|
|32950|Inf|Nor|2005-01-05|mod_cache storing corrupted files.                |
|33078|New|Min|2005-01-13|Mixing "+" and non-"+" options in <Directory> resu|
|33084|New|Enh|2005-01-13|Optional certificate validity period check on SSLV|
|33089|Inf|Nor|2005-01-13|mod_include: Options +Includes (or IncludesNoExec)|
|33098|New|Nor|2005-01-14|request body with C-L but early EOF does not error|
|33112|New|Nor|2005-01-15|Query_string not preserved after content negotiati|
|33207|New|Nor|2005-01-23|Results of my suexec.c code audit                 |
|33215|New|Nor|2005-01-24|Cygwin build/ fix (OSTYPE => ext=.exe)  |
|33330|Inf|Nor|2005-02-01|When using mod_ext_filter.. input stopped at 7680 |
|33425|Ass|Nor|2005-02-07|mod_dir behavior with mod_proxy and DirectoryIndex|
|33499|New|Min|2005-02-10|AddOutputFilterByType won't work reliably with PHP|
|33508|New|Min|2005-02-11|folder images missing from small icons            |
|33512|Inf|Maj|2005-02-11|mod_mem_cache and possibly mod_deflate            |
|33527|New|Enh|2005-02-11|If AuthAuthoritative is off for mod_auth, a 500 is|
|33627|New|Nor|2005-02-18|Bite-sized changes making progress towards compila|
|33647|Inf|Nor|2005-02-19|mod_authnz_ldap SIGPIPE, Broken pipe when user aut|
|33656|New|Enh|2005-02-20|Add a note about the "* ports and non-* ports" err|
|33660|New|Min|2005-02-20|RewriteMap prg: on Win32                          |
|33663|New|Nor|2005-02-20|Can not install MSI distribution, because "Resolve|
|33685|New|Maj|2005-02-22|Unable to install in the path containing non engli|
|33724|New|Cri|2005-02-24|apache didn't get uri arguments (utf8 problem)    |
|33802|New|Min|2005-03-02|ldap cache doesn't work inside VirtualHost        |
|33803|New|Nor|2005-03-02|2 Minor Bugs in Apache Service Monitor            |
|33892|Ass|Nor|2005-03-08|mod_include: Slashes in regexps need to be escaped|
|33898|Ass|Nor|2005-03-08|Apache .msi installs fail at ResolveServerName    |
|33903|New|Min|2005-03-08|Wrong error logged when running Apache under an ac|
|34014|New|Enh|2005-03-14|mod_autoindex style patch                         |
|34092|New|Nor|2005-03-20|Windows builds do not include the mod_status.h fil|
|34094|New|Nor|2005-03-21|ErrorDocument for 500 error can't be in Directory |
|34100|New|Blk|2005-03-21|apache_2.0.53-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi crashes win 200|
|34180|Inf|Blk|2005-03-25|Apache mod_ssl reliability issue as reverse proxy |
|34270|Inf|Nor|2005-04-01|Large POSTs over SSL from Internet Explorer do not|
|34275|Inf|Nor|2005-04-02|Apache bench tool (ab) does not work with both -k |
|34288|Inf|Nor|2005-04-04|thread spinning on apr_thread_mutex_lock in apache|
|34375|New|Enh|2005-04-08|enhancements for mod_include                      |
|34377|New|Enh|2005-04-08|Allow the overriding of 401 Unauthorized returns f|
|34401|Unc|Nor|2005-04-11|Wrong script directory if apache is on another har|
|34405|New|Enh|2005-04-11|adds DOCUMENT_NAME_WITHOUT_SUFFIX to mod_include  |
|34508|Inf|Nor|2005-04-19|Randomly slow graceful restart, not accepting new |
|34519|Opn|Enh|2005-04-19|Directory index should emit valid XHTML           |
|34538|Opn|Enh|2005-04-20|Support for stylesheets and relative links        |
|34602|Opn|Maj|2005-04-25|mod_rewrite fails to correctly deal with URLS that|
|34607|New|Enh|2005-04-25|Support for Server Name Indication                |
|34623|Inf|Maj|2005-04-26|mod_deflate crashes apache                        |
|34664|Ass|Cri|2005-04-28|MPM NT+PHP?  erealloc():  Unable to allocate 98304|
|34671|New|Enh|2005-04-29|mod_suexec not privileges(5) aware                |
|34697|New|Nor|2005-05-02|NetWare platform docs are outdated                |
|34837|New|Nor|2005-05-10|ProxyRemote does not allow for basic authenticatio|
|34844|New|Nor|2005-05-10|Mod_proxy_balancer session state not working      |
|34877|Inf|Cri|2005-05-11|Re-negotiation verification step failed           |
|34885|Opn|Nor|2005-05-12|mod_cache always runs as a quick handler          |
|34901|New|Enh|2005-05-12|Allow ProxyPreserveHost inside <Proxy> Section    |
|34943|New|Blk|2005-05-17|util_ldap.c: In function `util_ldap_connection_ope|
|34985|Ass|Nor|2005-05-20|utf8 to ucs2 conversion failed on Windows         |
|35025|Inf|Maj|2005-05-23|Keep alive in proxy_http.c is buggy               |
|35049|New|Nor|2005-05-24|let AddDefaultCharset apply to text/css and applic|
|35072|Inf|Nor|2005-05-26|ajp connector does not handle byte range requests |
|35077|Inf|Nor|2005-05-26|mod_dav passes incorrect paths with LocationMatch |
|35083|New|Enh|2005-05-26|Certificate validation problems trapping          |
|35100|Ass|Nor|2005-05-27|URL-parsing does not work for   |
|35102|New|Nor|2005-05-27|RemoveOutputFilter misnamed                       |
|35122|Inf|Nor|2005-05-30|Apache does not accept IPv6 addresses with a scope|
|35154|New|Nor|2005-06-01|Support for NID_serialNumber, etc. in SSLUserName |
|35160|Inf|Maj|2005-06-01|Segmentation fault due to improper invocation of a|
|35166|New|Nor|2005-06-02|ap_send_error_response ignores status returned by |
|35217|New|Nor|2005-06-04|extension cache-control directives MUST be ignored|
|35245|New|Nor|2005-06-06|cache ignores max-age cache-directive in requests |
|35247|Inf|Nor|2005-06-06|cache ignores s-maxage (in responses with max-age)|
|35250|New|Enh|2005-06-07|[PatchAvailable] add logging to mod_proxy_connect |
|35256|New|Nor|2005-06-07|%2F will be decoded in PATH_INFO (Documentation to|
|35280|New|Nor|2005-06-09|FTP proxy breaks RFC 2428 when trying to fall back|
|35312|New|Min|2005-06-10|Performance tuning page inaccurate in FollowSymLin|
|35327|New|Min|2005-06-11|mod_auth_ldap: white space in user name ignored   |
|35343|New|Min|2005-06-13|[PatchAvailable] Add MSI logging to ResolveServerN|
|35350|Opn|Enh|2005-06-14|No directive "Define" and "Undefine"              |
|35502|New|Maj|2005-06-25|msi won't start installing apach 2.0.54 http serve|
|35550|New|Enh|2005-06-29|mime.types entry for .es extension                |
|35551|New|Nor|2005-06-29|mime.types entry for .js should map to application|
|35556|Inf|Nor|2005-06-30|CRL files not re-read by HUP                      |
|35652|Opn|Min|2005-07-07|Improve error message: "pcfg_openfile: unable to c|
|35700|Ass|Nor|2005-07-12|SetHandler breaks DirectoryIndex (error 404)      |
|35702|New|Nor|2005-07-12|Using with https URL, ab freezes or gets SIGSEGV o|
|35721|Inf|Blk|2005-07-13|number of php_admin_values                        |
|35742|Inf|Nor|2005-07-14|segfaults with bogus userdirs                     |
|35768|New|   |2005-07-17|Missing file logs at far too high of log level    |
|35770|Ass|Maj|2005-07-17|Installation aborts: Internal Error 2735. ResolveS|
|35781|New|Nor|2005-07-18|ap_sub_req_method_uri() bypasses Limit security co|
|35892|New|Nor|2005-07-27|Schitzoid handling of name-based virtual server po|
|35974|New|Nor|2005-08-02|Occasional seg fault/bus error in NFS hosted inclu|
|35981|New|Maj|2005-08-02|mod_dav overrides dav_fs response on PUT failure  |
|35999|New|Nor|2005-08-03|Port lost after call to "internal_internal_redirec|
|36027|Ass|   |2005-08-04|Apache 2.0.54 Sevear Performance Degrade          |
|36038|New|Enh|2005-08-05|ReceiveBufferSize Directive                       |
|36126|Inf|Cri|2005-08-10|starting issue                                    |
|36269|New|Nor|2005-08-19|UNIQUE_ID documented as 19 characters; actually 24|
|36286|New|Enh|2005-08-20|configtest doesn't check SSL certificates         |
|36324|Inf|Nor|2005-08-23|runaway child process stuck in loop in apr_pool_cl|
|36411|New|Nor|2005-08-30|ErrorDocument 4xx "text" uses text/html           |
|36448|Opn|Maj|2005-08-31|mod_proxy hangs when the backend sends 100 Continu|
|36468|New|Nor|2005-09-02|proxy_http doesn't set the hostname when doing rev|
|36492|New|Nor|2005-09-04|split-logfile script dies when splitting log of ma|
|36495|Inf|Nor|2005-09-05|mod_proxy_ajp: ajp_check_msg_header() got bad sign|
|36564|New|Enh|2005-09-08|make mod_ldap really universal                    |
|36590|Opn|Nor|2005-09-10|mod_rewrite type|T force mime type option doesn't |
|36593|New|Maj|2005-09-10|Installation aborts: Internal Error 2735. ResolveS|
|36636|New|Maj|2005-09-13|database write lock taken for PROPFIND operations |
|36674|Ass|Nor|2005-09-15|x86/x64 Apache HTTP Server 2.0.54: Apache Service |
|36676|New|Nor|2005-09-15|time() bug in httpd-2.0/os/win32/util_win32.c:wait|
|36710|Opn|Blk|2005-09-19|CGI output not captured                           |
|36724|New|Nor|2005-09-20|Don't install Apache Monitor by default           |
|36770|New|Min|2005-09-22|KeepAliveTimeout is ignored in all but the first V|
|36780|New|Nor|2005-09-23|Apache crashes while processing a request whose co|
|36783|New|Nor|2005-09-23|request.c not correctly checking link owner uid fo|
|36842|New|Maj|2005-09-28|After building the apache.exe from the |
|36881|Inf|Nor|2005-09-30|mod_ssl mod_proxy tomcat                          |
|36917|New|Nor|2005-10-04|[DOC] mod_dumpio requires LogLevel debug          |
|36920|Inf|Nor|2005-10-04|Serving large pdfs fails using internet explorer w|
|36926|New|Blk|2005-10-05|Reinstall fails on all versions in Windows XP     |
|36937|New|Nor|2005-10-05|mod_cache not respecting mod_access               |
|36987|New|Nor|2005-10-10|mod_proxy: ProxyBlock is not checked for all IP ad|
|37016|Inf|Nor|2005-10-11|Problem with mod_ssl + apache + IE                |
|37031|New|Nor|2005-10-11|mod_ssl SSLEnable - document common configuration |
|37036|Inf|Nor|2005-10-12|ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .sqrt       |
|37064|New|Nor|2005-10-13|wrong timestamp value in UNIQUE_ID on mod_unique_i|
|37110|New|Nor|2005-10-17|Build fails when source tree is read-only         |
|37168|Inf|Cri|2005-10-19|CPU goes to 100%                                  |
|37177|New|Nor|2005-10-20|mpm_winnt fails without the Win32DisableAcceptEx d|
|37194|New|Nor|2005-10-21|X-Forwarded-For input header modified for proxied |
|37196|New|Min|2005-10-21|Wrong "Parent directory" link                     |
|37201|New|Enh|2005-10-21|Add <IfInterface IP> syntax to apache configuratio|
|37217|Opn|   |2005-10-24|[Dependancy] mod_cgi build broken against APR <0.9|
|37265|New|Nor|2005-10-27|.msi Installer Issues                             |
|37287|New|Enh|2005-10-28|Optionally make mod_auth return HTTP_FORBIDEEN for|
|37290|Opn|Min|2005-10-28|DirectoryIndex don't work in scriptaliased directo|
|37307|New|Enh|2005-10-31|Can't suppress error messages                     |
|37311|New|Nor|2005-10-31|RunTime error when uploading files in Apache2.0.55|
|37347|Ass|Maj|2005-11-03|mod_disk_cache replaces HTTP Status 301 with 200  |
|37352|Inf|Nor|2005-11-04|Reverse proxy does not work on AIX 5.2            |
|37355|New|Nor|2005-11-04|https through http-proxy to backend faild         |
|37360|New|Maj|2005-11-04|Install fails on Windows XP x64 when program files|
|37402|New|Nor|2005-11-08|mod_proxy has stopped allowing POST sub-requests  |
|37437|Inf|Nor|2005-11-10|can't customize error 503 page                    |
|37438|New|Nor|2005-11-10|RewriteRule is ignored on a proxied subrequest via|
|37514|Inf|Nor|2005-11-15|mod_proxy buffers chunked data.                   |
|37564|New|Enh|2005-11-19|Suggestion: mod_suexec SuexecUserGroup directive i|
|37587|Inf|Min|2005-11-22|mod_status Total Traffic value goes up then down? |
|37619|New|Enh|2005-11-24|Please consider LocationMatchExcept               |
|37680|New|Cri|2005-11-29|[PatchAvailable] httpd brings down system w/100% C|
|37757|New|Maj|2005-12-02|Broken environment in NPH-Scripts with UTF-8 encod|
|37770|Opn|Cri|2005-12-03|proxy: error reading status line from remote serve|
|37776|New|Maj|2005-12-04|'_commit()' Call in libhttpd.dll Produces Error in|
|37802|Inf|Cri|2005-12-05|File descriptor leak ?                            |
|37814|New|Nor|2005-12-06|auth_ldap built with the Microsoft LDAP SDK will n|
|37823|Inf|Nor|2005-12-07|The openssl library linked is different between ht|
|37853|New|Maj|2005-12-09|apache 2.0.55 consumes a lot of memory            |
|37863|Ass|Nor|2005-12-11|kill -1 httpd_id -> Failed to enable the 'httpread|
|37871|New|Maj|2005-12-12|Apache server couldn't start due to following erro|
|37912|New|Enh|2005-12-14|[PATCH] Have ssl_engine_pphrase.c report what vhos|
|37920|Ass|Maj|2005-12-15|mod_proxy does not flush data on POST requests fro|
|37982|New|Nor|2005-12-21|OPTIONS requests not passed to CGIs               |
|38009|New|Nor|2005-12-22|Please add application/x-stuffitx mime type for .s|
|38014|New|Nor|2005-12-22|[PatchAvailable] The status '100 Continue' will be|
|38019|New|Nor|2005-12-22|SetEnv can't be used before SetEnvIf              |
|38034|New|Nor|2005-12-24|PUT If-None-Match: "*" failures                   |
|38035|New|Min|2005-12-24|mod_authnz_ldap, documentation update - AuthLDAPDe|
|38036|New|Nor|2005-12-24|mod_ldap, documentation updates for httpd-2.2.0   |
|38084|Opn|Enh|2005-12-31|mod_authn_dbd's document has a wrong Configuration|
|38116|New|Enh|2006-01-04|Chroot-Patch for SuExec                           |
|38148|New|Nor|2006-01-06|One Failed Request Can Possibly Overwrite Another |
|38149|New|Enh|2006-01-06|Add Filename To A Few Errors In dav_method_put    |
|38164|New|Nor|2006-01-06|wrong status code for failed COPY/MOVE            |
|38182|New|Nor|2006-01-08|COPY ignores authority in Destination header      |
|38218|New|Enh|2006-01-10|Multiline Comments for *.conf files               |
|38240|Ass|Nor|2006-01-12|apache restart segfault with mutliple Include dire|
|38241|New|Nor|2006-01-12|Unable to create all worker threads error / server|
|38301|New|Enh|2006-01-17|Consider adding OpenDocument mime types           |
|38322|Opn|Maj|2006-01-19|Misleading error message on authz failure         |
|38325|Opn|Nor|2006-01-20|impossible to determine AUTH_TYPE of interpreted r|
|38330|New|Nor|2006-01-20|Cannot RemoveType which comes from mime.types     |
|38355|Unc|Enh|2006-01-23|DSO support for mod_rewrite                       |
|38357|Inf|Nor|2006-01-23|mod_proxy_balancer doesn't support sticky session |
|38369|New|Nor|2006-01-24|mod_proxy keeps alive connections that should be b|
|38408|New|Nor|2006-01-27|SSI environment vars not set in spawned processes |
|38419|New|Nor|2006-01-27|Problems with large WebDAV properties             |
|38448|New|Min|2006-01-30|mod_proxy encodes ~ to %7E in Reverse Proxy mode  |
|38478|New|Maj|2006-02-01|A client starting a SSL renegotiation can crash th|
|38515|Inf|Cri|2006-02-05|Dynamic LDAP Group Support                        |
|38550|New|Enh|2006-02-07|Setting headers based on proxied data             |
|38552|Inf|Maj|2006-02-07|server shutdowns thinking that it got SIGTERM     |
|38571|New|Enh|2006-02-08|CustomLog directive checked by apachectl configtes|
|38595|Inf|Cri|2006-02-09|httpd dumps core after successive kill -1 signals |
|38635|New|Nor|2006-02-13|mod_speling doesn't correct folder names          |
|38642|New|Nor|2006-02-14|mod_rewrite adds path info postfix after a substit|
|38644|New|Nor|2006-02-14|DocBug in mod_status                              |
|38651|Inf|Blk|2006-02-15|make failed with libapr link error                |
|38672|New|Nor|2006-02-16|Apache2 with mod_proxy sending a doubled requests |
|38698|Ass|Nor|2006-02-17|Update discussion of SSL/TLS versions             |
|38699|New|   |2006-02-17|Code clean up (apr_pstrdup)                       |
|38727|Unc|Nor|2006-02-20|Server doesnt show on other computers             |
|38728|New|Enh|2006-02-21|piped logs require shell - unwanted in chroot jail|
|38756|Inf|Nor|2006-02-22|errors with running make                          |
|38763|New|   |2006-02-23|mod_proxy does not handle asynchronous connection |
|38770|Inf|Cri|2006-02-23|error when starting Apache2.0.49                  |
|38786|New|Nor|2006-02-26|"IndexOption VersionSort" has problems with traili|
|38789|New|Nor|2006-02-27|Existing User, wrong password generates internal e|
|38794|New|Enh|2006-02-27|You cannot say 'deny user' as counterpart for requ|
|38812|New|   |2006-03-01|<Limit> broken with refactored provider-based auth|
|38819|New|Min|2006-03-01|mod_headers compatibility about RequestHeader     |
|38827|New|   |2006-03-02|mod_disk_cache trying to rename locked tempfile on|
|38848|New|Nor|2006-03-04|httpd -X option broken                            |
|38861|New|Nor|2006-03-06|ApacheBench: write_request returns after EAGAIN   |
|38903|New|Maj|2006-03-09|r->allowed does not affect Allow response header  |
|38923|New|Min|2006-03-10|mod_speling incorrectly escapes linked URLs       |
|38928|New|Min|2006-03-11|propose removing "VARIANTS" feature               |
|38961|New|   |2006-03-14|too much rotatelogs opened and not all terminated |
|38980|New|Cri|2006-03-15|Encoding of URIs                                  |
|38981|New|Enh|2006-03-15|vCard mime addition diff                          |
|38994|New|Nor|2006-03-16|ap_graceful_stop_signalled() always returns "0" fr|
|38995|New|Nor|2006-03-16|httpd tries to communicate with the CGI daemon eve|
|39004|Inf|Nor|2006-03-17|Port Conflict                                     |
|39045|New|Maj|2006-03-21|mod_python makes Apache crash when used with mod_a|
|39060|Inf|Maj|2006-03-22|"user not in DBM group file" causes error and kill|
|39067|Inf|Nor|2006-03-22|malformed packet when size is 4096 or greater     |
|39079|Inf|Maj|2006-03-23|thread eats 100% CPU, presumably spinning in futex|
|39094|New|Nor|2006-03-24|mod_ldap crash in util_ldap_cache_module_kill     |
|39095|New|Maj|2006-03-24|ldap_simple_bind_s fails                          |
|39111|New|Nor|2006-03-27|Potential bug brought by mmapfile (mod_file_cache)|
|39128|Inf|Maj|2006-03-28|Apache 2.2 will not compile mod_ssl library's corr|
|39185|Inf|Nor|2006-04-03|Approximately in 1-2 weeks of work the server hang|
|39192|Inf|Nor|2006-04-04|Wildcard certificate with multiple name-based vhos|
|39211|New|Nor|2006-04-05|mod-auth-dbm (require group <empty>) doesn't work |
|39216|New|Maj|2006-04-05|mod_disk_cache trying to rename locked file, decre|
|39235|New|Nor|2006-04-07|Japanese documentation bug for LogFormat %D       |
|39238|New|Nor|2006-04-07|mod_auth_dbm requires mod_auth or "no groups file?|
|39243|Inf|Enh|2006-04-07|Can't post files larger than 128k onto ssl client |
|39275|Opn|Nor|2006-04-11|slow child_init causes MaxClients warning         |
|39288|Inf|Nor|2006-04-12|file corruption when using mpm-worker             |
|39299|New|Nor|2006-04-13|Internal Server Error (500) on COPY               |
|39306|New|Nor|2006-04-13|Documentation for ScriptInterpreterSource is not s|
|39311|New|Cri|2006-04-14|Apache Crashes On several Graceful Restart request|
|39313|Inf|Enh|2006-04-14|RewriteOption Inherit adds global rules AFTER loca|
|39317|Inf|Nor|2006-04-15|add mapping from .xspf extension to application/xs|
|39319|New|Nor|2006-04-15|Building httpd-2.2.0 with Visual Studio 2005      |
|39329|New|Nor|2006-04-17|mod_dbd ap_dbd_acquire failure                    |
|39332|Inf|Maj|2006-04-18|mod_cgid does not work with worker MPM on Solaris |
|39351|New|   |2006-04-19|Continue early if bucket length is zero           |
|39369|New|Nor|2006-04-20|timefmt config not working in SSI when using INCLU|
|39370|New|Nor|2006-04-20|SSL session will be removed if the client is sendi|
|39380|Inf|Nor|2006-04-21|mod_disk_cache eats memory, has no LFS support, et|
|39401|New|Nor|2006-04-25|16-bit CGI COM files not executed properly        |
|39418|New|Nor|2006-04-26|CacheMaxExpire directive not enforced             |
|39419|Inf|Min|2006-04-26|ProxyPass proxies requests to incorrect origin ser|
|39440|New|Nor|2006-04-28|No real documentation of %u log format string     |
|39448|New|Min|2006-04-29|old-style <directory proxy:*> doesn't give any war|
|39455|Inf|Nor|2006-05-01|Alltheweb forbidden through apache proxy server   |
|39461|New|Nor|2006-05-02|directory indexing with access control doesn't wor|
|39479|New|Maj|2006-05-03|httpd 2.0.58 build fails with segfault on Solaris |
|39498|New|Nor|2006-05-06|accept_filter in apr assumes if found in sys/socke|
|39517|New|Nor|2006-05-08|Corrupt chunked transfer-encoding with Content Neg|
|39518|New|   |2006-05-08|Change some "apr_palloc / memcpy" to apr_pmemdup  |
|39519|New|Nor|2006-05-08|Change some "apr_palloc / memcpy" to apr_pstrmemdu|
|39525|Inf|Maj|2006-05-09|Apache proxy continues file download from internet|
|39567|New|Maj|2006-05-12|During the startup of service Apache fail on libra|
|39587|Opn|Nor|2006-05-15|mod_auth still mentioned in configure documentatio|
|39605|New|Nor|2006-05-18|core_output_filter sends misaligned chunks after t|
|39611|New|Nor|2006-05-18|apache crash in phpmyadmin                        |
|39613|New|Nor|2006-05-18|httpd-default.conf contains non-default ServerSign|
|39618|New|Nor|2006-05-19|SIGALARM From Perl cgi is not being handled proper|
|39653|New|Enh|2006-05-24|dummy connections should avoid SSL vhosts         |
|39658|Opn|Nor|2006-05-25|mod_proxy_ajp SSL Key Size Bug                    |
|39670|New|Nor|2006-05-27|ab -n 1 -c 2 does too many requests               |
|39673|Inf|Nor|2006-05-29|mod_proxy opens connections that disturb NTLM     |
|39679|New|Nor|2006-05-30|ab truncates post data if data is specified in a f|
|39692|New|Nor|2006-05-31|mod_proxy_balancer doesn't retry a failed request |
|39710|New|   |2006-06-02|mod_cgi truncates error replies                   |
|39713|New|Nor|2006-06-03|Seconds / microseconds confusion for warning heade|
|39722|New|Nor|2006-06-05|If DocumentRoot directive in config file has a non|
|39723|Inf|Enh|2006-06-05|Forward proxy does not work in tranparent mode    |
|39727|Ass|Nor|2006-06-05|Incorrect ETag on gzip:ed content                 |
|39730|New|Nor|2006-06-06|LanguagePriority and DefaultLanguage are Case Sens|
|39737|New|Nor|2006-06-06|LogFormat "%{tid}P" reports wrong thread id on Win|
|39738|New|Nor|2006-06-06|Random core dumps in crc32 and bndm               |
|39744|Inf|Nor|2006-06-07|SIGBUS on FreeBSD 4.x (semi-reproducable)         |
|39746|New|Nor|2006-06-07|mod_rewrite & mod_proxy & %2F in URL              |
|39748|New|Enh|2006-06-07|Header and POST support for mod_include           |
|39753|New|Nor|2006-06-07|incorrect source for LOCALE Decimal Symbol in Win2|
|39754|New|Enh|2006-06-08|rpm init script enhancement                       |
|39774|New|Nor|2006-06-10|mod_expires sets negative max-age / Expires header|
|39778|New|Enh|2006-06-11|Can't use NameVirtualHost * with VirtualHost *:80 |
|39785|New|Nor|2006-06-12|Status code 408 (Request Timeout) is not logged   |
|39799|Inf|Nor|2006-06-13|mod_mem_cache not caching reverse proxied files   |
|39807|Opn|Enh|2006-06-13|large files / filesystem corruption can cause apac|
|39811|Opn|Cri|2006-06-14|Routes "table" corruption                         |
|39815|New|Nor|2006-06-15|Atomic Creation of uploaded files in mod_dav      |
|39822|Inf|Nor|2006-06-16|Problem with NameVirtualHost                      |
|39837|New|Maj|2006-06-19|Microsoft update sends error 0x80072EE2           |
|39863|New|Nor|2006-06-22|ServerName directive accepts glob style names     |
|39902|New|Nor|2006-06-27|HeaderName directive breaks mod_filter somehow    |
|39904|New|Nor|2006-06-27|graceful restart error and cpu load               |
|39907|New|Nor|2006-06-27|Dynamic (balancer-manager induced) changes revert |
|39913|Ass|Blk|2006-06-27|detection of static OpenSSL libraries requiring li|
|39916|New|Nor|2006-06-28|Core Filters & non-blocking Sendfile              |
|39917|Inf|Cri|2006-06-28|syntax error created in config. file by msi on ist|
|39923|New|Nor|2006-06-28|AddDescription doesn't work in server config with |
|39928|New|Nor|2006-06-28|port no detected when file name not in URL        |
|39935|New|Nor|2006-06-29|AddDescription does not do literal comparisons on |
|39940|New|Nor|2006-06-30|server-info page doesn't show all virtual hosts in|
|39944|New|Nor|2006-07-02|Wrong/Bad filename in ErrorLog when trying to acce|
|39973|Ass|Enh|2006-07-06|apache software folder should be movable          |
|39985|New|   |2006-07-06|mod_dbd shutdown double free via dbd_close        |
|40004|Ass|   |2006-07-10|Mod_rewrite 'Last' flag doesn't seem to end rewrit|
|40026|Opn|Enh|2006-07-12|Impossibility to unset Server Header              |
|40035|New|Cri|2006-07-13|Windows Server 2003 "("R2")" 64-Bit Edition no cgi|
|40037|Inf|Min|2006-07-13|Wrong error message if shared mem isn't deleted du|
|40043|New|Maj|2006-07-14|ap_get_client_block discards anything over specifi|
|40046|New|Nor|2006-07-14|mod_rewrite PT (Pass Through) option has L side ef|
|40047|New|Nor|2006-07-14|mod_proxy_ajp documentation omits Env Var behaviou|
|40054|New|Nor|2006-07-17|ab performance improvements                       |
|40055|New|Nor|2006-07-17|ignore EINTR in poll loop                         |
|40060|New|Nor|2006-07-17|AuthGroupFile should accept /etc/group syntax     |
|40069|New|Maj|2006-07-18|Crash in apr_pool_destroy                         |
|40075|New|Enh|2006-07-19|unable to use ldap groups that contain DNs and use|
|40094|Inf|Min|2006-07-22|Add new site to Tutorials page                    |
|40096|New|Nor|2006-07-23|Simple error in Apache MSI packages               |
|40097|New|Nor|2006-07-23|The --with-module directive for configure doesn't |
|40102|Opn|Nor|2006-07-24|SCRIPT_NAME set incorrectly with mod_rewrite      |
|40132|New|Enh|2006-07-27|Expose ECC cipher suites (IETF RFC 4492) in OpenSS|
|40134|Inf|Cri|2006-07-28|multiple set cookie in mod_proxy doesn't work anym|
|40137|New|Nor|2006-07-29|Unwanted Instance Manager Startup Shortcut        |
|40138|New|Nor|2006-07-29|Error compiling 2.2.3 on Solaris 10 for Intel     |
|40142|Inf|Maj|2006-07-31|Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped) in ssh withou|
|40146|New|Nor|2006-07-31|mod_ssl info in server_info is blank              |
|40158|Inf|Nor|2006-08-02|apache2.2.2 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)   |
|40169|New|Blk|2006-08-02|CacheEnable not caching Forward proxy             |
|40174|New|Min|2006-08-03|Unable to get IndexOptionis ScanHTMLTitles to work|
|40180|Inf|Maj|2006-08-03|Mod_dav and remove folder doesn't work with Micros|
|40183|New|Nor|2006-08-03|rotatelogs leaks memory                           |
|40185|Inf|Cri|2006-08-04|mod_isapi responses Content-Length: 0 and removes |
|40196|New|Nor|2006-08-06|EILSEQ handling, NoImplicitAdd should work, and so|
|40198|New|Nor|2006-08-06|can't start win32 service using non-privileged use|
|40200|Inf|Nor|2006-08-07|name-based vhosts broken in certain cases, apache2|
|40205|Inf|Maj|2006-08-08|apache2 steady segfault with virtualhosts count > |
|40210|Inf|Nor|2006-08-08|Apache version 2.0.59 seg dumps with Virtual Host |
|40217|Opn|Nor|2006-08-08|mod_dav PROPFIND ignores access restrictions on it|
|40234|New|Nor|2006-08-11|failed request with APR_INCOMPLETE                |
|40239|New|   |2006-08-12|Bad parameter for enscript                        |
|40243|New|Nor|2006-08-13|Patch for htpasswd to optionally read passwords fr|
|40266|Inf|Blk|2006-08-16|berkeley db support in httpd is screwed           |
|40268|New|Nor|2006-08-16|Credentials are not supplied when connecting to LD|
|40287|New|Maj|2006-08-18| undefined symbol: apr_procattr_addrspa|
|40292|Inf|Cri|2006-08-21|use up all memory after reloading                 |
|40299|New|Nor|2006-08-22|ECMAScript and JavaScript media types in mime.type|
|40301|New|Nor|2006-08-22|Missing directory causes 403 instead of 404 error |
|40310|Opn|Maj|2006-08-24|Ajp Connection handling causes unexpected results.|
|40312|New|Nor|2006-08-24|ssl_engine_init.c, ssl_init_ctx_verify contains a |
|40340|Inf|Maj|2006-08-29|httpd as reverse proxy with SSL and IBM Lotus Domi|
|40341|Inf|Cri|2006-08-29|Segfaults (in apr_bucket_alloc) and connection int|
|40345|New|Nor|2006-08-29|auth_ldap on apache windows failed with LDAP domin|
|40352|Inf|Nor|2006-08-30|mod_dbd with apr_dbd_mysql fails to connect       |
|40359|Inf|Cri|2006-08-30|LoadModule failed.                                |
|40373|New|Nor|2006-08-31|mod_dir adds trailing slash after internal redirec|
|40379|New|Nor|2006-08-31|Please add application/ to |
|40408|New|Blk|2006-09-04|Apache 2.2.3 is not starting                      |
|40416|New|Maj|2006-09-05|mod_proxy_ftp cannot connect under http load in fo|
|40430|New|Min|2006-09-07|Invalid html entity in error page                 |
|40432|New|Nor|2006-09-07|Charset of date on error pages                    |
|40441|New|Enh|2006-09-08|intelligently handling dynamic subdomains         |
|40453|New|Nor|2006-09-09|lexicographic compare in RewriteCond isn't lexicog|
|40454|New|   |2006-09-09|"New features with Apache 2.1/2.2" EventMPM typo  |
|40463|New|Nor|2006-09-11|piped logging causes some weird kill()ing         |
|40492|Opn|Cri|2006-09-13|Set-Cookie by origin server gets lost when an Apac|
|40497|Inf|Nor|2006-09-13|No data sent when a specific line appears inside a|
|40506|New|Cri|2006-09-14|errorlog in virtual hosts causes an 'memory cannot|
|40513|Inf|Nor|2006-09-14|Seeding PRNG with 0 bytes of entropy              |
|40514|New|Nor|2006-09-14|would like GracefulShutdownTimeout to work for gra|
|40540|Inf|Nor|2006-09-19|Bad interaction between MultiViews and SetOutputFi|
|40541|New|Nor|2006-09-19|SetHandler rewrites URI used by Location?         |
|40550|Inf|Nor|2006-09-19|iTunes doesn't work through Apache 2.2.2 proxy    |
|40571|New|Nor|2006-09-21|mod_proxy_ajp don't works with mod_usertrack      |
|40576|New|Nor|2006-09-22|mod_mem_cache: signal Floating point exception (8)|
|40579|Inf|Maj|2006-09-22|Dynamic linking of httpd on HP-UX not possible    |
|40586|New|Enh|2006-09-22|Add option to supress default '-' output          |
|40592|New|Nor|2006-09-24|flood: corrupt output with report_relative_times  |
|40598|Inf|Cri|2006-09-25|RewriteOptions MaxRedirects doesn't work for self-|
|40603|Inf|Nor|2006-09-25|AuthLDAPURL does not work with space-separated hos|
|40607|New|Nor|2006-09-26|mod_log_config dumps garbage in memory when Reques|
|40647|Opn|Maj|2006-09-30|Apache don't handle authentification with python h|
|40687|New|Nor|2006-10-05|ServerAlias should mention that it supports wildca|
|40688|Inf|Nor|2006-10-05|Apache httpd >2.0.53 doesn't compile on redhat 7.3|
|40702|Inf|Nor|2006-10-07|child pid XXXX exit signal Segmentation fault (11)|
|40733|New|Nor|2006-10-11|mod_proxy_ftp segfaults (NULL deref.) when FTP ser|
|40734|New|Nor|2006-10-11|ab negative transfer rate                         |
|40746|New|Enh|2006-10-12|Feature request: ProxyAllow directive             |
|40748|New|Nor|2006-10-12|Makefiles have debug/release sections inverted    |
|40749|New|Min|2006-10-12|magic file with string and "%n" causes Apache chil|
|40756|New|Maj|2006-10-13|Segmentation fault in ap_proxy_checkproxyblock    |
|40781|New|Nor|2006-10-17|PATH_TRANSLATED: 'redirect:/~jablko/gallery2/main.|
|40787|Inf|Nor|2006-10-18|excessive usage of file "/dev/random", error messa|
|40790|New|Nor|2006-10-18|missing Listen 443 should give error when using Na|
|40808|New|Enh|2006-10-23|ProxyRemote with optional proxy authentication    |
|40815|New|Nor|2006-10-24|ServerSupportFunction with HSE_REQ_MAP_URL_TO_PATH|
|40816|Inf|Nor|2006-10-25|Make fails on Solaris 10                          |
|40827|New|   |2006-10-27|Typos in polish error messages                    |
|40831|New|Min|2006-10-27|RewriteMap empty value behaves differently from do|
|40841|New|Nor|2006-10-29|mod_proxy_ftp segfaults on IPv4 requests to hosts |
|40859|New|Enh|2006-11-01|[PATCH] Support -F force option to 'ab' support to|
|40861|Inf|Nor|2006-11-01|Apache fail to compile with gcc 4.1.1 & glibc 2.5 |
|40864|Inf|Enh|2006-11-01|compressing pre-deflated data                     |
|40865|New|Min|2006-11-01|Missing assignment in error checking              |
|40878|Ver|Enh|2006-11-02|For LDAP authentication against Windows Active Dir|
|40883|New|Maj|2006-11-02|sending 2+gig file through mod_proxy hangs Apache |
|40894|New|Nor|2006-11-03|Off-by-one error in copying strings leads to some |
|40899|New|Enh|2006-11-05|additional mod_headers enhancements - regex & fmt |
|40904|Inf|Cri|2006-11-06|problem in mod_perl                               |
|40910|Inf|Nor|2006-11-06|configuration problem with more than 1 balancer   |
|40917|New|Nor|2006-11-07|configure does not detect OpenSSL shared lib on HP|
|40920|Inf|Cri|2006-11-07|Server has a memory leak when handling chunked res|
|40932|New|Maj|2006-11-08|1 event handle leak in mpm_winnt.c on Restart     |
|40941|New|Maj|2006-11-10|problem with memory allocation                    |
|40948|New|Nor|2006-11-11|LDAP cache size documentation incorrect           |
|40952|New|Nor|2006-11-12|Error page wrongly encodes URL                    |
|40953|New|Enh|2006-11-12|Should not send any data in 304 reply from cgi    |
|40970|New|Nor|2006-11-14|very slow start of server when having big number o|
|40984|New|Enh|2006-11-16|AddIcon, AddIconByType for OpenDocument format    |
|40987|Opn|Enh|2006-11-16|ProxyVia Block doesn't remove Via: header for reve|
|40989|Inf|Nor|2006-11-16|Cannot access directory listing in restricted webs|
|41000|New|Nor|2006-11-19|mod_authn_dbd have an error, in function 'authn_db|
|41025|New|Nor|2006-11-23|ROBOTS META-Tag directive needed in mod_autoindex |
|41030|New|Nor|2006-11-23|Worker segmentation fault under load              |
|41033|New|Nor|2006-11-24|customlog/transferlog under virtualhost -directive|
|41035|New|Min|2006-11-24|Wrong default content-type for icons, use image/vn|
|41050|New|Enh|2006-11-27|Default service startup should use -E to log error|
|41052|Unc|Nor|2006-11-28|ErrorDocument destroy tomcat's session value.     |
|41056|New|Nor|2006-11-28|Chunk filtering broken in httpd-2.2 and -trunk    |
|41088|New|Nor|2006-11-30|installation backcolor is wrong (white)           |
|41097|New|Nor|2006-12-01|X-Forwarded-For, X-Forwarded-Host, and X-Forwarded|
|41109|Ass|Maj|2006-12-05|connection broken when keepalive=on & maxrequestpe|
|41111|New|Enh|2006-12-05|New option for filters: run only if there are spar|
|41114|New|Nor|2006-12-06|ACL HTTP method is rejected by mod_proxy_ajp      |
|41120|New|Nor|2006-12-07|Filters corrupt the data sent to the browser if th|
|41123|New|Enh|2006-12-07|Support of OCSP in mod_ssl (rewritten patch from b|
|41130|New|Nor|2006-12-07|mod_mime and mod_negotiation type-map both clobber|
|41137|New|Enh|2006-12-08|Apache2.2 mod_proxy do not support wildcard or reg|
|41141|Inf|Cri|2006-12-10|mod_dbd, apr_dbd_pgsql: Error looking up ... in da|
|41142|Opn|Blk|2006-12-10|Endless loop in apr_allocator_destroy             |
|41143|Opn|Nor|2006-12-10|Incorrect ap_getline assumption in mod_proxy_http |
|41144|New|Maj|2006-12-10|A especially crafted Date header may cause the ap_|
|41148|New|Enh|2006-12-11|no startup option to keep a foreground process    |
|41164|New|Cri|2006-12-12|Oops, no RSA or DSA server certificate found      |
|41184|Inf|Nor|2006-12-15|child pid nnnn exit signal Segmentation fault (11)|
|41190|New|Nor|2006-12-17|mod_rewrite stats the wrong file when using sdbm m|
|41194|New|Min|2006-12-17|Check the return value from ap_run_create_connecti|
|41195|New|Nor|2006-12-17|properly set the parent pid on shutdown           |
|41196|New|Nor|2006-12-17|worker mpm usage of apr's memory pools is not thre|
|41200|Inf|Maj|2006-12-18|SSI include, prevent client from receiving full ou|
|41218|New|Maj|2006-12-20|mod_disk_cache ignores EnableSendfile configuratio|
|41220|New|Nor|2006-12-20|A Bug in Win32 Installer (Server Information valid|
|41230|New|Nor|2006-12-21|HEAD requests on expired cache content are incorre|
|41231|New|Maj|2006-12-21|SSL: using connection: upgrade leaves plaintext fr|
|41236|Inf|Enh|2006-12-23|alias and autoindex                               |
|41240|Inf|Enh|2006-12-25|BRF files support                                 |
|41247|New|Min|2006-12-27|missing '' in the httpd-ssl.conf file             |
|41262|Inf|Nor|2006-12-29|Embedded pcre causes runtime segfault             |
|41270|New|Nor|2006-12-30|TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT timeout set way too low          |
|41278|New|Nor|2007-01-02|mod_proxy_ajp doesn't obey ProxyErrorOverride     |
|41309|Inf|Maj|2007-01-06|proxying under ssl - the trailing slash is lost   |
|41310|Inf|Cri|2007-01-06|HPPTD -X _k start -- fails without errors and stop|
|41325|Inf|Cri|2007-01-08|Apache (59) hangs (outage) randomly               |
|41326|Inf|Nor|2007-01-08|Memory Leak                                       |
|41334|New|Nor|2007-01-09|Command line "apache" should be "httpd"           |
|41344|Inf|Cri|2007-01-10|Integrade apache2.2.x +php4.4.4(or php5.2.0) to em|
|41346|New|Nor|2007-01-10|apache 2.2.4 couldn't start rotatelogs.exe        |
|41362|Inf|Maj|2007-01-14|mod_disk_cache and mod_include conflict generating|
|41375|New|Min|2007-01-15|Using same SSL Certificate with different ServerNa|
|41383|New|Min|2007-01-16|mod_headers documentation doesn't have information|
|41391|New|Min|2007-01-17|too long period setting makes max-age overflow    |
|41394|New|Nor|2007-01-17|Pre-existing headers_out overwritten by mod_proxy |
|41404|New|Maj|2007-01-18|script environment "REMOTE_ADDR" and "REMOTE_PORT"|
|41406|Ass|Min|2007-01-18|Keepalive docs don't say if incoming requests pree|
|41408|New|Nor|2007-01-18|AddCharset rule on .html disables SSI enabled via |
|41412|New|Enh|2007-01-19|RewriteRule Skip should take negative arguments   |
|41433|New|Enh|2007-01-22|Portuguese(Portugal) language Custom Error Message|
|41435|New|Nor|2007-01-22|Authentication fails with 500 Server Error        |
|41441|New|Nor|2007-01-23|Error 20024 on all pages request containing a ":" |
|41449|New|Nor|2007-01-24|DAVGenericLockDB not allowed in main server config|
|41450|Inf|Cri|2007-01-24|Empty page (200 OK) while max-age is empty        |
|41485|New|Nor|2007-01-28|LDAP client certificates not usable in 2.2.x/trunk|
|41529|New|Enh|2007-02-02|Accept BOM in .htaccess                           |
|41537|New|Min|2007-02-04|name-based virtual hosts using SSL                |
|41551|Ass|   |2007-02-06|mod_mem_cache cache incorrect header              |
|41556|New|Enh|2007-02-07|Feature Request: format string for masking ip addr|
|41560|New|Nor|2007-02-07|proxy_handler can return apr_status_t             |
|41589|Inf|Cri|2007-02-10|Installer unable to find NT Services & displays er|
|41614|New|Nor|2007-02-14|Certain types of encoding generate proxy errors   |
|41621|New|Maj|2007-02-15|Apache 2.2.4 backend problem with Apache 2.0.59 Re|
|41644|New|Nor|2007-02-16|proxied HEAD requests "pause" when ProxyErrorOverr|
|41646|New|Nor|2007-02-16|wrong headers are sent for HEAD requests when Prox|
|41668|New|   |2007-02-21|Inconsistent language links in documentation      |
|41669|New|Nor|2007-02-21|Performance & Error in Event Viewer               |
|41676|New|Enh|2007-02-22|Refactor mod_proxy_ftp                            |
|41685|New|Enh|2007-02-22|Implement optional HTTP Authentication in a standa|
|41691|New|Nor|2007-02-23|mod_filter is not included in Windows binary build|
|41712|Inf|Nor|2007-02-26|threads locked at logging state                   |
|41729|Inf|Maj|2007-02-28|error in error_log when using proxypass and proxyp|
|41732|Inf|Nor|2007-02-28|error log - No client logged for error            |
|41736|New|Nor|2007-02-28|byterange requests in large PDF files             |
|41743|New|Nor|2007-03-01|Graceful restarts don't effect children in keepali|
|41744|New|Maj|2007-03-01|SSI resolves includes but removes original HTML   |
|41748|Inf|Cri|2007-03-02|Segmentation violation in httpd - thread/worker   |
|41763|Opn|Nor|2007-03-05|mod_disk_cache ignores CacheDirLevels and CacheDir|
|41764|New|Nor|2007-03-05|error state and conf                              |
|41793|New|Maj|2007-03-08|mod_proxy_ajp documentation incorrect, send body c|
|41798|New|Nor|2007-03-09|mod_proxy rewrites url paths badly                |
|41823|New|Nor|2007-03-12|httpd.exe or Apache.exe                           |
|41835|New|Nor|2007-03-13|smart filtering not working for some match argumen|
|41857|New|Nor|2007-03-16|[PATCH]mod_setenvif patch                         |
|41867|New|Nor|2007-03-16|<DirectoryMatch> Matches Files                    |
|41877|New|Nor|2007-03-17|file uploading under win os                       |
|41885|Opn|Nor|2007-03-19|Can't use type-map handler with MultiViews        |
|41887|New|Enh|2007-03-19|-T option unavailable for Apache 2.0.x/2.3.0 -> av|
|41897|New|Maj|2007-03-19|mod_proxy_balancer: configured session identifier |
|41925|New|Nor|2007-03-21|trivial patch to add automatic crypting to 'dbmman|
|41929|New|Enh|2007-03-22|ISAPI ssl variables                               |
|41930|Inf|Nor|2007-03-22|Bus error core dump in memcpy - apr_brigade_write |
|41953|New|Nor|2007-03-26|pidfile remains when 2nd pass of post-config retur|
|41960|New|Nor|2007-03-27|Apache is not using custom content-types when acce|
|41962|New|Min|2007-03-27|Need mod_auth_ldap to authenticate with Active Dir|
|41989|New|Cri|2007-03-29|module DSO update and  Segmentation fault         |
|42000|New|Nor|2007-03-30|debugging.html is badly outdated                  |
|42001|New|Cri|2007-03-30|LINUX : Could not set LDAP_OPT_X_TLS to LDAP_OPT_X|
|42005|New|   |2007-03-31|Code clean up (in file /modules/cache/cache_cache.|
|42006|New|   |2007-03-31|Code clean up (in file /server/request.c)         |
|42007|New|   |2007-03-31|Code clean up (apr_pcalloc)                       |
|42008|New|   |2007-03-31|Code clean up (in file /modules/metadata/mod_usert|
|42009|New|   |2007-03-31|Code clean up (ap_str_tolower)                    |
|42013|New|Nor|2007-04-01|mod_proxy in a LAN context                        |
|42027|Inf|Nor|2007-04-02|FileETag directive appears to be ignored          |
|42031|New|Cri|2007-04-03|EventMPM child process freeze                     |
|42035|Opn|Nor|2007-04-03|mod_ssl does not grok SHA-256 client certificates |
|42040|New|Nor|2007-04-03|ab doesn't consider varying length documents      |
|42048|New|Nor|2007-04-04|worker_score vhost size and ap_get_server_name() m|
|42051|New|Enh|2007-04-04|Enhance documentation for mod_authnz_ldap         |
|42054|New|Nor|2007-04-04|service name and parameter issues                 |
|42065|New|Nor|2007-04-06|EnableSendFile can slow file transfers on Windows |
|42078|New|Nor|2007-04-10|2.2.4 installer for windows doesn't detect blank d|
|42079|New|Nor|2007-04-10|SSLRequire: Additional access in sub-directoies   |
|42080|New|Nor|2007-04-10|ab.c:1145: warning: passing arg 2 of `BIO_set_call|
|42082|New|Nor|2007-04-10|filter_init is called multiple times after an INCL|
|42086|New|Nor|2007-04-11|Possible bug in mpm/worker/fdqueue.c:ap_queue_push|
|42095|New|Maj|2007-04-11|Apache server does not get installed correctly und|
|42096|New|Min|2007-04-12|Add "Deny from all" to configuration example      |
|42101|New|Nor|2007-04-12|SSL shmcb cache dies with bus errors on sparc when|
|42105|New|Nor|2007-04-12|Patch for mod_autoindex to set the character set  |
|42125|New|Nor|2007-04-14|Cannot load php4 module in Apache 2.2.4           |
|42135|New|Nor|2007-04-16|RLimit... directives do not work with mod_cgid    |
|42174|New|Nor|2007-04-19|SuppressDescription + HTMLTable gives extra empty |
|42175|New|Nor|2007-04-19|suexec_enabled set incorrectly when httpd is run b|
|42180|New|Nor|2007-04-21|mod_mbox Date view generates duplicates           |
|42182|New|Nor|2007-04-22|Mime types for cached proxied content             |
|42186|New|Nor|2007-04-22|mod_filter doesn't merge ! or = correctly         |
|42190|New|Nor|2007-04-22|Similar to bugid #35424, this seems to occur on Ap|
|42203|New|Min|2007-04-23|Content-Length in type maps doesn't work          |
|42216|New|Enh|2007-04-24|RFE -- external overload procedure                |
|42262|Inf|Nor|2007-04-26|mod_dav /  worker fails to allocate memory and seg|
|42284|Inf|Nor|2007-04-27|Order-directive implied to be part of Base, while |
|42287|New|Nor|2007-04-28|chunked encoded response to POST request to cgi sc|
|42296|New|Nor|2007-04-30|Apache 2.2.4 windows service name registered as ap|
|42323|New|Nor|2007-05-02|mod_authnz_ldap doesn't bind well to the refered s|
|42341|New|Enh|2007-05-04|chroot patch directly after child creation        |
|42349|New|Nor|2007-05-07|DNS round robin solution using CNAME is against RF|
|42368|New|Nor|2007-05-09|httpd is crashing if conf/extra/httpd-manual.conf |
|42371|New|Nor|2007-05-09|connection error with keepalive with ie6          |
|42373|New|Maj|2007-05-09|REPORT request fails over mod_proxy               |
|42403|New|Cri|2007-05-13|Apache closing abnormally                         |
|42404|New|Enh|2007-05-13|Filename/info for disk-cached proxied remote URLs |
|42425|Inf|Nor|2007-05-15|Additional freshness checks in mod_cache.c cause m|
|42430|New|Nor|2007-05-15|ap_custom_response() mishandles initial double quo|
|42431|New|   |2007-05-15|install mod_cache.h for convenience in creating ex|
|42440|New|Nor|2007-05-17|Apache Monitor more services crash                |
|42453|New|Enh|2007-05-18|Long (over 5 minutes) request causes error 10060 f|
|42458|New|Nor|2007-05-19|Digest Authentication Not Logged                  |
|42471|Inf|Nor|2007-05-21|clients with IE7 take 3megs per page load. httpd.e|
|42480|New|Blk|2007-05-21|Apache installation wizard interrupted            |
|42492|Inf|Nor|2007-05-22|mod_proxy_ajp with SSL front end: data corruption |
|42495|New|Nor|2007-05-23|When serving content from the cache, it doesn't sh|
|42498|New|Maj|2007-05-23|LDAP induced Internal Server Error returned to IE |
|42499|New|Nor|2007-05-23|Backslash produces a 404 error instead of going to|
|42508|New|Maj|2007-05-24|"Deny from all" failing occasionally inside Locati|
|42513|New|Enh|2007-05-24|Add possibility to choose the session id / route s|
|42529|New|Blk|2007-05-27|httpd-2.2.4 failed to build on Ubuntu 7.04 due to |
|42548|New|Nor|2007-05-30|INCLUDE negotiating language aborts with APR_POOL_|
|42549|New|Nor|2007-05-30|win32: httxt2dbm not built/installed in windows bu|
|42557|New|Enh|2007-05-31|Missing parameter to control LDAP referral chasing|
|42561|New|Enh|2007-05-31|[PATCH] AuthLDAPRemoteUserAttribute only applies i|
|42571|New|Nor|2007-06-03|apache 2.2 -M ouputting to stderr.                |
|42572|New|Nor|2007-06-03|Server crashes in child_main                      |
|42580|Ass|Nor|2007-06-04|Timeout when restarting or stopping Apache        |
|42583|New|Maj|2007-06-05|Apache failures in msvcrt.dll                     |
|42586|New|Nor|2007-06-05|POST Data lost sometimes sporadically             |
|42587|New|Cri|2007-06-05|ref bug 42581                                     |
|42592|New|Nor|2007-06-05|Apache Proxy Breaks Yahoo Shopping                |
|42607|New|Nor|2007-06-06|Windows Vista                                     |
|42610|New|Nor|2007-06-06|mod_rewrite and mod_proxy handle ';' incorrectly  |
|42619|New|Cri|2007-06-08|Can not Download / Save PDF with SSL reverse proxy|
|42621|New|Nor|2007-06-08|balancer manager statistics incorrect after additi|
|42624|New|Maj|2007-06-08|Error when when sending GET query to CGI script in|
|42629|Inf|Nor|2007-06-10|error to load                                     |
|42633|New|Min|2007-06-11|mod_info gives wrong information about actual conf|
|42636|Inf|Cri|2007-06-11|Apache will crash if SSL and mod_deflate are used |
|42665|New|Nor|2007-06-14|spurious attempt to open ".../file.html/.htaccess"|
|42666|New|Nor|2007-06-14|code & docs corrections for FollowSymLinks and Sym|
|42667|New|Nor|2007-06-14|mod_proxy_balancer not reporting when workers are |
|42668|New|Nor|2007-06-14|balancer_manager shows Ok status for the workers t|
|42680|New|Nor|2007-06-15|service name doesn't match internal name used in "|
|42682|Ass|Maj|2007-06-17|Apache child terminates with signal 11 when using |
|42687|New|Nor|2007-06-18|Fully delegate certificate & key semantics to the |
|42688|New|Nor|2007-06-18|engine managed keys: per process openssl context  |
|42690|New|Nor|2007-06-18|realm is not set for each configured directory whe|
|42695|New|Cri|2007-06-18|mod_proxy balancer problem                        |
|42699|New|Enh|2007-06-20|share mod_logio data with other modules           |
|42711|New|Enh|2007-06-20|format string for whole log entries not just id   |
|42719|New|Blk|2007-06-22|Apache does not start with mod_ssl v. 0.9.8d      |
|42721|New|Nor|2007-06-22|abs crashed when testing https                    |
|42728|New|Nor|2007-06-23|mod_ssl thread detaching not releasing handles    |
|42730|New|Nor|2007-06-24|first GET message length greater than 166 bytes fa|
|42737|New|Nor|2007-06-25|(98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not b|
|42746|Inf|Nor|2007-06-26|ap_get_server_port function always returns "80"   |
|42757|New|Nor|2007-06-27|abnormal child termination not logged at shutdown/|
|42758|New|Nor|2007-06-27|ap_reclaim_child_processes() argument ignored     |
|42763|New|Nor|2007-06-28|graceful-stop/restart loops go loop too far       |
| Total  888 bugs                                                           |

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