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Subject Bug report for Apache httpd-1.3 [2004/10/10]
Date Sun, 10 Oct 2004 14:21:21 GMT
| Bugzilla Bug ID                                                           |
|     +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
|     | Status: UNC=Unconfirmed NEW=New         ASS=Assigned                |
|     |         OPN=Reopened    VER=Verified    (Skipped Closed/Resolved)   |
|     |   +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   | Severity: BLK=Blocker     CRI=Critical    MAJ=Major             |
|     |   |           MIN=Minor       NOR=Normal      ENH=Enhancement       |
|     |   |   +-------------------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   | Date Posted                                                 |
|     |   |   |          +--------------------------------------------------+
|     |   |   |          | Description                                      |
|     |   |   |          |                                                  |
| 7982|New|Maj|2002-04-11|mod_rewrite URL string empty when passed unicoded |
| 8311|Opn|Nor|2002-04-19|error in PUT directive gives confusing error messa|
| 8329|New|Nor|2002-04-20|mime_magic gives 500 and no error_log on Microsoft|
| 8372|Ass|Nor|2002-04-22|Threadsaftey issue in Rewrite's cache [Win32/OS2/N|
| 8849|New|Nor|2002-05-07|make install errors as root on NFS shares         |
| 8882|New|Enh|2002-05-07|[PATCH] mod_rewrite communicates with external rew|
| 9037|New|Min|2002-05-13|Slow performance when acessing an unresolved IP ad|
| 9126|New|Blk|2002-05-15|68k-next-openstep v. 4.0                          |
| 9726|New|Min|2002-06-09|Double quotes should be flagged as T_HTTP_TOKEN_ST|
| 9894|New|Maj|2002-06-16|getline sub in support progs collides with existin|
| 9999|New|Nor|2002-06-19|Incorrect default manualdir value with layout.    |
|10038|New|Min|2002-06-20|ab benchmaker hangs on 10K https URLs with keepali|
|10073|New|Maj|2002-06-20|upgrade from 1.3.24 to 1.3.26 breaks include direc|
|10169|New|Nor|2002-06-24|Apache seg faults due to attempt to access out of |
|10178|New|Maj|2002-06-24|Proxy server cuts off begining of buffer when spec|
|10195|New|Nor|2002-06-24|Configure script erroneously detects system Expat |
|10199|New|Nor|2002-06-24|Configure can't handle directory names with unders|
|10243|New|Maj|2002-06-26|CGI scripts not getting POST data                 |
|10354|New|Nor|2002-06-30|ErrorDocument(.htaccess) fails when passed URL wit|
|10470|New|Cri|2002-07-04|proxy module will not correctly serve mixed case f|
|10666|New|Enh|2002-07-10|line-end comment error message missing file name  |
|10744|New|Nor|2002-07-12|suexec might fail to open log file                |
|10747|New|Maj|2002-07-12|ftp SIZE command and 'smart' ftp servers results i|
|10760|New|Maj|2002-07-12|empty ftp directory listings from cached ftp direc|
|10890|New|Cri|2002-07-17|if "et" locale is used, configure fails           |
|10939|New|Maj|2002-07-18|directory listing errors                          |
|11020|New|Maj|2002-07-21|APXS only recognise tests made by ./configure     |
|11236|New|Min|2002-07-27|Possible Log exhaustion bug?                      |
|11265|New|Blk|2002-07-29|mod_rewrite fails to encode special characters    |
|11765|New|Nor|2002-08-16|.apaci.install.tmp installs in existing httpd.conf|
|11986|New|Nor|2002-08-23|Restart hangs when piping logs on rotation log pro|
|11993|Opn|Cri|2002-08-23|PDFs served through ProxyPass show up blank       |
|12096|New|Nor|2002-08-27|apxs does not handle binary dists installed at non|
|12391|New|Maj|2002-09-07|DBM_LIB should be blank for OS X 10.2             |
|12551|New|Nor|2002-09-11|mod_proxy fails to shutdown when client cancels   |
|12574|New|Nor|2002-09-12|Broken images comes from mod_proxy when caching ww|
|12583|New|Nor|2002-09-12|First piped log process do not handle SIGTERM     |
|12598|New|Maj|2002-09-12|Apache hanging in Keepalive State                 |
|13120|New|Cri|2002-09-29|CGI procs defunctioning                           |
|13188|New|Nor|2002-10-02|does not configure correctly for hppa64-hp-hpux11.|
|13274|Ass|Nor|2002-10-04|Subsequent requests are destroyed by the request e|
|13607|Opn|Enh|2002-10-14|Catch-all enhancement for vhost_alias?            |
|13687|New|Min|2002-10-16|Leave Debug symbol on Darwin                      |
|13822|New|Maj|2002-10-21|Problem while running Perl modules accessing CGI::|
|14031|New|Nor|2002-10-29|POST handling for multi part forms incorrect      |
|14095|Opn|Nor|2002-10-30|Change default Content-Type (DefaultType) in defau|
|14250|New|Maj|2002-11-05|Alternate UserDirs don't work intermittantly      |
|14358|New|Enh|2002-11-07|rotatelogs using TZ settings                      |
|14443|New|Maj|2002-11-11|Keep-Alive randomly causes TCP RSTs               |
|14448|Opn|Cri|2002-11-11|Apache WebServer not starting if installed on Comp|
|14518|New|Nor|2002-11-13|QUESY_STRING parts not incorporated by mod_rewrite|
|14647|New|Nor|2002-11-18|apachectl doesn't sufficiently check for previousl|
|14670|New|Cri|2002-11-19|Apache didn't deallocate unused memory            |
|14748|New|Nor|2002-11-21|Configure Can't find DBM on Mac OS X              |
|14972|New|Nor|2002-11-30|Start Apache page in Latvian (      |
|15011|New|Nor|2002-12-03|Apache processes not timing out on Solaris 8      |
|15028|New|Maj|2002-12-03|RedirectMatch does not escape properly            |
|15242|New|Blk|2002-12-10|mod_cgi prevents handling of OPTIONS request      |
|15418|New|Maj|2002-12-16|Load Spikes                                       |
|15910|New|Min|2003-01-09|Internal Server error when trying to deliver anima|
|16013|New|Nor|2003-01-13|Fooling mod_autoindex + IndexIgnore               |
|16236|New|Maj|2003-01-18|Include directive in Apache is not parsed within c|
|16241|New|Maj|2003-01-19|Apache processes takes 100% CPU until killed manua|
|16492|New|Maj|2003-01-28|mod_proxy doesn't correctly retrieve values from C|
|16493|New|Nor|2003-01-28|Incorrect handling of several Cache-Control direct|
|16556|New|Maj|2003-01-29|mod_proxy malfunctions with ftp:// URLs           |
|16573|New|Nor|2003-01-29|semaphores aren't cleaned correctly               |
|16588|New|Nor|2003-01-30|variable names with turkish locale                |
|16631|Ass|Min|2003-01-31|.htaccess errors logged outside the virtual host l|
|16763|New|Min|2003-02-04|server-status shows old dead pids                 |
|16981|New|Nor|2003-02-12|apache fails to start or report an error when a pa|
|17022|New|Nor|2003-02-12|killing an apache parent run as "httpd -F" kills n|
|17318|New|Cri|2003-02-23|Abend on deleting a temporary cache file if proxy |
|17338|Opn|Nor|2003-02-24|mod_rewrite while proxying request appends extra r|
|17459|New|Maj|2003-02-27|Posting multipart/form-data results in Invalid met|
|17486|New|Cri|2003-02-27|proxy requests aren't sent to mod_proxy module    |
|17548|New|Maj|2003-02-28|Hanging httpd processes... trace below            |
|17877|New|Nor|2003-03-11|mod_proxy not accepting requests using Transfer-En|
|17897|New|Nor|2003-03-11|mod_cgi broken on acl based file systems          |
|18157|New|Min|2003-03-19|Proxy Buffering Disrupts Staged Response Delivery |
|18266|New|Nor|2003-03-24|https file upload via proxy                       |
|18546|New|Nor|2003-04-01|$1 var lost proxying                              |
|18579|New|Enh|2003-04-01|Added  header X-Forwarded-Port                    |
|18627|New|Nor|2003-04-02|Patch for Configure 1.463 on AIX 5.1 and Apache 1.|
|18631|New|Nor|2003-04-02|Empty header fix rolled out                       |
|18634|New|Nor|2003-04-02|Expediate Pragma:no-cache rolled out              |
|18721|New|Blk|2003-04-04|apxs handles internal module names incorrectly    |
|18749|New|Nor|2003-04-07|httpd -h does not document httpd -X               |
|18958|Ass|Enh|2003-04-11|htpasswd does not include user info field         |
|19279|New|Min|2003-04-24|Invalid chmod options in solaris build            |
|19320|New|Maj|2003-04-25|SCRIPT_NAME incorrect for virtual include with pat|
|19675|New|Min|2003-05-05|Performance/code cleanliness nit in proxy_util.c  |
|19685|Opn|Nor|2003-05-05|CGIs do not receive sigterm                       |
|19687|New|Cri|2003-05-05|idle httpd childs consuming 100% cpu              |
|19985|New|Maj|2003-05-16|prefork children dying, parent unresponsive       |
|19994|New|Nor|2003-05-16|rotatelogs truncates log file which leaves space c|
|20042|New|Nor|2003-05-19|Read of HTTP Request POST parameters failed: read |
|20122|New|Nor|2003-05-21|HTTP status 405 logged as 200 in access           |
|20127|New|Nor|2003-05-21|PID file paths different on starting and stopping |
|20218|New|Min|2003-05-25|Installer copies ./htdocs/manual twice            |
|20284|Ass|Nor|2003-05-28|mod_speling allows null default basename          |
|20524|New|Nor|2003-06-05|Regular expressions in <Directory ~ ...> and <Dire|
|20900|New|Nor|2003-06-19|Return value of setitimer(2) changes by setting of|
|21035|New|Nor|2003-06-24|Apache 1.3.27 problem using ErrorDocument with Lim|
|21260|New|Nor|2003-07-02|CacheMaxExpire directive not enforced !           |
|21271|New|Enh|2003-07-02|Support for full fixed reverse mappings           |
|21372|New|Min|2003-07-07|HeaderName and ReadmeName fail silently when set t|
|21544|New|Nor|2003-07-13|Problem in uploading a large file when LimitReques|
|21559|New|Maj|2003-07-14|mod_proxy will not negotiate ftp binary transfers |
|21637|New|Nor|2003-07-16|Timeout causes a status code of 200 to be logged  |
|21777|New|Min|2003-07-21|mod_mime_magic doesn't handle little gif files    |
|21979|New|Nor|2003-07-29|Windows installer broken                          |
|22061|New|Min|2003-08-01|About alias mapping the /                         |
|22107|New|Nor|2003-08-04|some PHP (4.3.X) mssql queries fails with Apache 1|
|22186|New|Cri|2003-08-06|Solaris kernel 108528-05 causes Apache to hang    |
|22194|Ass|Min|2003-08-07|\*.conf directory confuses (and crashes) httpd.   |
|22276|New|Nor|2003-08-10|segfault in new_connection with unusual vhost conf|
|22506|New|Enh|2003-08-18|Hazard make install --with-layout                 |
|22529|Ass|Enh|2003-08-18|RewriteRule problem when the URI is the same as th|
|22573|New|Nor|2003-08-20|unstable force-response-1.0 behavior              |
|22586|New|Nor|2003-08-20|mod_proxy connect to localhost ( by requ|
|22618|New|Maj|2003-08-21|MultiViews invalidates PATH_TRANSLATED if cgi-wrap|
|22797|New|Nor|2003-08-28|typo in ""                    |
|22827|New|Nor|2003-08-29|Content-Length is a signed int.                   |
|22856|New|Min|2003-09-01|No "304 not modified"  when If-Modified-Since is a|
|22936|New|Enh|2003-09-04|Add dumping of the ServerAlias names when httpd in|
|23129|New|Maj|2003-09-12|mod_proxy does not cache content with valid Expire|
|23259|New|Nor|2003-09-18|mod_alias does not redirect aliased URLs correctly|
|23309|New|Maj|2003-09-21|Could not execute mail delivery program           |
|23447|New|Cri|2003-09-26|An operation was attempted on something that is no|
|23460|Opn|Nor|2003-09-28|mod_rewrite seems to use all lowercase URLs under |
|23472|New|Nor|2003-09-29|httpd.conf-dist has the wrong language code and MI|
|23674|New|Nor|2003-10-08|build bug/problem in src/main/until.c: test_char_t|
|23871|New|Nor|2003-10-16|ap_SHA1 broken on 64-bit                          |
|23894|New|Nor|2003-10-17|ProxyPassReverse does not handle ContentBase      |
|23968|New|Nor|2003-10-21|Large amounts of STDERR hang the handler under win|
|24010|New|Cri|2003-10-22|.\main\buff.c, line 232, assertion "!rv" failed   |
|24055|New|Enh|2003-10-23|Rewroted patch ReadRequestTimeout-directive for cu|
|24155|Ass|Enh|2003-10-27|URLs containing a ? are assumed to be query string|
|24157|New|Enh|2003-10-27|mod_usertrack creates too many cookies            |
|24396|New|Nor|2003-11-04|Multiple host headers are accepted and get concate|
|24442|New|Enh|2003-11-05|UseCanonical enhancement                          |
|24824|New|Nor|2003-11-19|suexec assumes ~ means userdir                    |
|24831|New|Nor|2003-11-19|Caching confused by 304                           |
|24907|New|Nor|2003-11-21|Error log file descriptors are leaked to sub-proce|
|24923|New|Nor|2003-11-23|Graceful restart logfile error..                  |
|24967|New|Nor|2003-11-25|flushing output from CGI or PHP doesn't work      |
|25057|New|Maj|2003-11-27|Empty PUT access control in .htaccess overrides co|
|25423|New|Nor|2003-12-10|Module configuration directives called before modu|
|25469|Ass|Enh|2003-12-12|create AuthRoot for defining paths to auth files  |
|25522|New|Nor|2003-12-15|Apache will not run when installed in certain MB d|
|25728|New|Nor|2003-12-23|apachectl graceful memory leak?                   |
|25757|Opn|Cri|2003-12-25|Too Many Files Open Error                         |
|25779|New|Min|2003-12-28|Numeric IP address in ProxyPass directive         |
|26013|New|Blk|2004-01-09|Standard Apache 1.3.29 does not compile on Solaris|
|26052|Opn|Enh|2004-01-12|DOCUMENT_ROOT environment variable set incorrectly|
|26126|New|Nor|2004-01-14|mod_include hangs with request body               |
|26152|Ass|Nor|2004-01-15|Apache 1.3.29 and below directory traversal vulner|
|26177|New|Min|2004-01-15|apache breaks when started from inetd and an Inclu|
|26211|New|Cri|2004-01-17|Unreadable characters displayed in browser        |
|26226|New|Maj|2004-01-18|Error log fills up                                |
|26582|Unc|Nor|2004-02-01|1.3.29 still generates defunct?                   |
|26583|New|Nor|2004-02-02|apache replies 206 partial content instead of 401 |
|26731|New|Nor|2004-02-06|mod_proxy won't cache if last-modified is missing,|
|26775|New|Nor|2004-02-08|Vhosts unavailable in mod_status                  |
|26790|New|Maj|2004-02-09|error deleting old cache file                     |
|27023|New|Enh|2004-02-18|Cookie could not delivered if the cookie made befo|
|27029|New|Maj|2004-02-18|DSO will not build on HP-UX 11i w/ GCC            |
|27103|New|Maj|2004-02-20|Wrong extention of SO module                      |
|27266|New|Nor|2004-02-26|ErrorHeader headers being added to 200 code respon|
|27812|New|Min|2004-03-19|duplicate ssi.html.html shows up in search results|
|27888|New|Min|2004-03-24|apachebench reports length errors for dynamic page|
|28332|New|Nor|2004-04-10|ScriptInterpreterSource Registry not working      |
|28461|New|Nor|2004-04-19|huge amount of XSrvCollectHeader and xsrv_fix_auth|
|28467|New|Enh|2004-04-19|./configure suggests LIBS, but the displayed text |
|28498|Opn|Nor|2004-04-20|$1 not set/used in rewrite                        |
|28769|Opn|Nor|2004-05-04|MultiViews on, /partial should return /partial.* i|
|28824|New|Nor|2004-05-07|error logs can end up in /dev/null unexpectedly   |
|28863|New|Cri|2004-05-10|Foreign characters not working in 1.3.29          |
|28876|Ass|Nor|2004-05-10|RLimit directives are working in .htaccess file.  |
|28880|Opn|Maj|2004-05-10|Backreference in RedirectMatch always inserts $1 a|
|28957|New|Nor|2004-05-13|Posix Fixes due to Coreutils Change               |
|29298|New|Nor|2004-05-30|SysLog Error Logging                              |
|29498|New|Maj|2004-06-10|non-anonymous ftp broken in mod_proxy             |
|29527|New|Blk|2004-06-11|When using Web Cache some sites do not fully displ|
|29529|Unc|Cri|2004-06-11|Apache application error                          |
|29538|Ass|Enh|2004-06-12|No facility used in ErrorLog to syslog            |
|29554|New|Nor|2004-06-14|mod_proxy mishandles escaped characters           |
|29645|New|Enh|2004-06-17|Performance improvement by using sorted arrays    |
|29648|New|Nor|2004-06-17|Require a timeout that value that can passed to st|
|29649|New|Enh|2004-06-17|Changes to mod_proxy for connection timeouts      |
|29660|New|Nor|2004-06-18|Problem with cygwin+apache 1.3.31+mod_perl-1.29   |
|29667|New|Nor|2004-06-18|Proxy detects local URI as remote for vhosts not r|
|29753|Unc|Enh|2004-06-23|No directive %D in log format                     |
|29828|New|Min|2004-06-27|no info about broken log path                     |
|29845|New|Maj|2004-06-28|drwtsn32 error                                    |
|29852|New|Nor|2004-06-28|CacheGcInterval values to stop GC                 |
|29906|New|Nor|2004-07-04|PHP 4.3.x modules not loaded in Apache 1.3.31 or 2|
|30092|New|Enh|2004-07-14|ap_get_basic_auth_pw: Don't check for *static* Aut|
|30207|New|Nor|2004-07-20|Piped logs don't close read end of pipe           |
|30337|New|Nor|2004-07-27|executable cgi's no longer work (.exe files)      |
|30496|New|Nor|2004-08-05|ProxyPass doesn't work without trailing slash     |
|30526|New|Maj|2004-08-08|unable to build on SunOS 5.8 (SunOS .... 5.8 Gener|
|30627|New|Maj|2004-08-12|possible bug in handling ALARM signals on Solaris |
|30633|New|Nor|2004-08-12|Misleading message when User directive not supplie|
|30640|New|Maj|2004-08-12|util.c generates undeclared errors                |
|30740|New|Min|2004-08-19|Installer always add \Apache Directory            |
|30877|New|Nor|2004-08-26|htpasswd clears passwd file on Sun when /var/tmp i|
|30909|New|Cri|2004-08-28|sporadic segfault resulting in broken connections |
|30996|New|Nor|2004-09-01|Documentation for mod_auth_digest needs update (co|
|31086|New|Cri|2004-09-07|ErrorLog on VirtualHost crashes apache if director|
|31193|New|Enh|2004-09-13|apache_pb enhancement                             |
|31214|Opn|Nor|2004-09-14|mod_include doesn't fixup PATH_INFO in environment|
|31344|New|Maj|2004-09-21|mod_rewrite PATH_INFO issue in 1.3.31 - not in 1.3|
|31483|Opn|Enh|2004-09-30|add svgz in mime.types file                       |
| Total  215 bugs                                                           |

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