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From Przemysław Rejf <>
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2011 19:05:40 GMT
Hello Brian,

Thank you for reply, i hope that we will keep in touch.
Well, currently my script fails with error "Apache2::RequestIO::read: 
(70014) End of file found" when user aborts upload so i need to work on 
that. But before that the upload hook was called n times, so i didn't 
know if the upload was complete or not even when the hook wasn't called 
anymore and the reminder of script was executing. Beta version of script 
which was runned on winxp/apache used to check the data sent to hook: if 
it was empty it ment user aborted. But now im on debian/apache and when 
the user aborts, the hook isnt called, so i only get hook calls with 
content. Also thinking the hook might not work as it should under 
mod_prel and im in progress of checking that.

Best regards,
Waiting for reply.

W dniu 11-03-25 17:11, Brian McQueen pisze:
> Have a status bit and set it in-progress.  Don't set it to complete
> until you are sure its done and correct.  Don't remove the info.  You
> want it for debugging and a complete history anyway.
> 2011/3/25 Przemysław Rejf<>:
>> Hi, How to detect file upload abort using an upload hook in perl. When
>> client aborts the upload i need to remove the info about the file from the
>> db. I can't do it size base, because before upload ends i only have an
>> approximate file size (request + file). I'm tryin to use mod_perl
>> Apache2::Connection->aborted() but so far to no effect.

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