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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: libapreq 1.34 on cpan is an ** UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE **
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 14:32:29 GMT

Adam Prime wrote:
> I'm guessing that Isaac needs to be added as a co-maintainer for
> libapreq or something, since the latest apreq1 release shows up as being
> unauthorized.
> Also, because of this problem (i think) the link on
> to
> CPAN  (
> still finds 1.33, not 1.34.

I've done all I can about this: isaac is already co-maintainer of
Apache::Request and Apache::Cookie.  and while the official libapreq
release falls under my pause id, there is no listing for


that I can find in any of the places where I own or co-maintain things.
 I suspect that stas or doug still is still the official owner of those.

just to refresh everyone's memory, doug (gracefully) handed the module
to stas, then stas (ungracefully) handed off to me.

andreas, can you help us sort this out?  the only reason I own it was to
keep it from falling off cpan when stas deleted it.  I'm happy to
complete pass off to isaac or joe, as the pmc deems fit.


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