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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: RANT: what a dead project looks like
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2009 10:02:17 GMT
Without diminishing your point (because it's valid, and you're right),
let's also consider how many of us are in development-centric (or at
least httpd-centric) jobs as compared to the rest of the httpd project
developers...  I think there are substantially less of us working jobs
around apreq as there are httpd developers around httpd.   (There also
isn't much advancement of the project feature-wise lately either; we
should release faster, but there's not much to release lately)

PMC members should, however, at least put more effort into making time
to test releases and vote. 


Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Dead projects typically have a bus-factor of 1,
> where committers have all gotten into the habit
> of waiting for one another to come along for the
> ride.  It's true that somebody has to drive the
> bus, but the driver should rotate (and is named
> RM).  The only person allowed to set a schedule
> for a healthy project is an RM, everyone else
> is only allowed to block progress by using their
> voting rights.  This bs we tell each other about
> things we all plan to do "soon" needs to come
> to a close if we're ever going to be able to handle
> the support load httpd may be asking us to take on.

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