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From "Michael Koziarski" <>
Subject Questions about apreq_params
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2008 20:45:36 GMT
Hey guys,

first, apologies for messing up the subscribe email!

We've just started using apreq for some apache module development and
it's working out quite nicely.  However we've noticed a few strange

The first of which is that apreq_params returns NULL if we use the
following as the multipart body:

  apr_table_t *request_body = apreq_params(req, r->pool);
  if (request_body == NULL)
    // we are seeing this

The documentation implies that it never does, which makes me wonder.
Is that just a stale piece of documentation or have we found a bug in
libapreq?  Should we be handling this case in our module or figuring
out a test case for you guys to fix in 2.10?



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