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Subject Re: need help with 64bit Apache2::Request
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2008 23:57:41 GMT
Quoting "P.V.Anthony" <>:

> wrote:
>> Do you have the LoadModule line in your httpd.conf on the 64bit install?
>> Load Module apreq_module modules/
>> I've installed it fine on an amd64 on gentoo.
> This is great news. So I must be doing something wrong.
> The "Load Module apreq_module modules/" line is in httpd.conf.
> I am using Gentoo Hardened amd64. The gcc is 3.4.6.
> What are the specs on your machine?
> Just did the same on a non-hardened gentoo amd64 and it works. The gcc
> on that machine is 4.1.2. Do you think it could be the version of gcc.

My machines are not using hardened, and both have gcc 4.1.2 (gentoos  
4.1.2 p1.1)  That line should actually be LoadModule, not Load Module  

I have it running on an AMD BE-2350, and an AMD Turion MK-36.  Apache,  
mod_perl and libapreq are all built from source (not from portage).  I  
wouldn't think that it'd be gcc unless perhaps apache and libapreq  
were built with different version of gcc (which doesn't sound likely).


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