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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject 2.09 & 1.34
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 23:14:37 GMT
OK folks.  We just may be doing an amazing job setting records for 
longest release cycle length off of these two, but I'm sure the public 
would appreciate an actual release at some point.

Apachecon is here, and I want to see these off before the conference 
opens (at the hackathon would be great as I'm swamped until then making 
last minute preparations like getting a new passport in the 3 days 
before my flight :))

I'm giving up looking for records on who started RM-ing 2.09 (or if it 
was started), but if noone answers, I'll tag-and-roll 2.09 on Monday, 
and would like to see it ship the same day (one can hope we'll have 3 
PMCs in the room :))

Ditto for 1.34 - if you're a PMC and didn't vote (I know we're missing 
one; too tired to look for the other two votes which I remember getting 
in archives now, will do it while I prepare release announcements) 
please vote either before or at the hackathon.

Many thanks,

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