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From Michael Peters <>
Subject problems with Makefile.PL for libapreq 1.33
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 15:28:44 GMT
This is kind of convoluted, but bare with me:

I have Apache2/mod_perl2 and Apache::Test installed on my system (FC6) in the
standard locations. I now want to install Apache1/mod_perl1 and libapreq 1.33 in
a separate location that doesn't have Apache::Test. Now running Makefile.PL in
for libapreq (after Apache1/mod_perl1 have already been built in my local
install of course) always fails with this message:

mod_perl 1.x ( < 1.99) is required at Makefile.PL line 58

And it doesn't matter what I put into PERL5LIB, LIB, APXS or APACHE environment
vars. The reason is because libapreq's Makefile.PL first tries to locate
Apache::Test, which on my system is configured to work with Apache2/mod_perl2.
Apache::Test loads Apache::TestConfig which then loads And that's
how it's supposed to work. But Apache::TestConfig sets $INC{''} to
/dev/null so when libapreq's Makefile.PL tries to require mod_perl it instead
thinks it's mod_perl2 (not because mod_perl2 comes before mod_perl in @INC, but
because Apache::Test specifically loads mod_perl2).

The attached patch should fix this problem in Makefile.PL by doing the test for
mod_perl version before the test for Apache::Test.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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