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From "Adam Prime" <>
Subject Apache2::Request param repetitions (again)
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 02:10:41 GMT
I just rain into this issue in the midst of porting some stuff from apreq1
to apreq2.  discussed previously here:

quick summary being:

for a request like this: GET /?pub=1&pub=2 HTTP/1.0

@list = $r->param has different results.

in mp1 you get ('pub'), in mp2 you get ('pub','pub').

the last post in that thread suggests using:

my $table = $req->param;
@table_keys = keys %$table;

but that doesn't work either.  What i've finally ended up doing is this:

my $table = $req->param;
my %table_keys = keys %$table;

foreach my $key (keys (%table_keys)) {

This should probably be documented.


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