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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE CANDIDATE] libapreq2 2.09-RC2
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 10:48:36 GMT

New fresh builds of Perl 5.8.8, Apache 2.2.3, randy's apxs, mod_perl 
2.0.3-rc2, Apache::Test-1.29-rc2, in their own clean tree, using VC6 
(and Windows SDK just for building apache, for the ldap stuff)

So far so good.  mod_perl was detected by Apache-Test this time (so I 
guess we'll never know why it broke for me last week, since the PC I had 
it on is now FUBAR)

But the 7 CGI tests still break for me

The tests numbers are 32, 36-41 (in 2.09-rc2), and they all generate 500 

I've uploaded the HTTP streams for any masochists (I really don't think 
there's anything in there more useful than the 500 error, but maybe 
someone will do me the favor of proving me wrong) to

I still say +1 to roll 2.09, since no one else seems to get these 
errors.  Hopefully I'll figure out why I can't seem to get rid of them 
and fix anything needing fixing in 2.10


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