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From "Edward L. Abrams" <>
Subject Re: memory leaking on POST
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 06:39:04 GMT
A while back, I wrote to the list about this also.  Joe and some others 
sent me some example code that didn't leak buckets.  At the time, I 
thought I the clean code was still leaking a bit, however, months later, 
with no processes having serious troubles, I now suspect that my own 
individual case was just transient buffers in memory just not being 
cleaned up at a moment in time I was watching.  If you would like me to 
re-post the example code that has been working for me (even though it 
still does produce what looks like transient growth spurts), I'd be 
happy to.

abrams <at> tabblo <dot> com

Joe Schaefer wrote:
> "Brian McQueen" <> writes:
>> I am having major problems with my httpd growing on POSTs.  Is there
>> some finalization of cleanup or apreq_handle_release kind of a thing
>> that missed out on?  I can't see any source for the leaks.  Everything
>> is coming from req->pool, so any allocs should be transient.  There is
>> no leak until I start parsing the POSTs.  The httpds grow and grow as
>> if something is never getting released.  The apreq handle is coming
>> from req->pool.  I've even tried directly destroying the uploaded
>> bucket brigade when the work is all done, in the logging phase.
>> Do you have any tips on where I should look for my problem?
> You shouldn't need to clean up anything, the pool cleanup should
> take care of everything apreq allocates.  How are you handling 
> the upload brigades?  It's possible to leak buckets if you're
> not careful.

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