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From david reid <>
Subject apreq -> apr-util
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 17:22:01 GMT
While doing some work on mod_sparql I found that some of the
functionality i had assumed we already had in apr-util was actually
available in apreq. Further examination revealed various parts of the
library code that I feel really belong in apr-util.

I talked briefly with joes and he seemed to be OK with us looking at
what parts would be a good fit for apr-util. He indicated that the
project was looking to try and alter their code in various ways and so
having more of their generic lib code available directly in apr-util may
be a win for them as well.

I'm not giving specifics yet as I'd like to know if people think we
should do it, and then what pieces we should look at moving. The
overhead of moving will be minimal and the changes required look to be
also minimal.


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