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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: [RELEASE CANDIDATE] libapreq2 2.08-RC3
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 08:30:17 GMT
It didn't unpack on win32 using 7-zip either...  But GNU tar (the native
binary from the unixutils project on sf, not under cygwin) worked ok
(except for symbolic links, but that shouldn't be so bad).

I wanted to test the build, since Randy said he couldn't, but ran into
troubles compiling mod_perl (my gut feeling is that it's related to all
the apr-1.lib files, and the version of apxs, et al, (at least the one I
have), seems to be giving the wrong lib names) - and haven't had time to
really look at that.  It's odd because I don't think libapreq has this
issue, as it builds the C library quite nicely.

The ppm mod_perl doesn't seem to put the .h files where libapreq looks
(if it even includes headers - does it randy?), and for some odd reason,
running Makefile.PL with disable-perl-glue doesn't seem to get passed to

D:\cpp\libapreq2-2.08>perl Makefile.PL disable-perl-glue
perl: 5.8.8 ok
mod_perl2: 2.000003 ok
Apache::Test: 1.29 ok
ExtUtils::MakeMaker: 6.30 ok
ExtUtils::XSBuilder: 0.28 ok
Test::More: 0.62 ok
C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe win32/
--with-perl="C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe" --with-apache2="C:\Apache2"
Unknown option: with-perl-opts
Initialize parser
scan D:/cpp/libapreq2-2.08/include/apreq.h ...
[normal xsbuilder scanning]

and running win32/ on my own with the --disable-perl-glue
option, seems to get ignored.  After it builds the C library, it
prepares Makefile's for the perl glue and starts building.

One thing I did just notice is:

[   info] generating script t/TEST
Note (probably harmless): No library found for

Not sure where that path came from.

Anyway, if I have time later, maybe I'll try to look into this further...


Philip M. Gollucci wrote:
> Bojan Smojver wrote:
>> Quoting Bojan Smojver <>:
>>> OK. I'm off to work now anyway - I'll try unpacking on machines there.
>> Works on Solaris Sparc and RHEL4 x86_64, doesn't on Fedora Core 5
>> x86_64/i386. Go figure...
> Its not I did something differnt from previous releases....
> gmake release.
> scp ball.tar.gz
> Should I roll another one or do you think its just that box ?

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