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From Boysenberry Payne <>
Subject On using Apache2::Request->upload correctly...
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 16:37:50 GMT
Hi All,

I remember reading about how to handle when a client cancels an upload
via proxy connections, I just don't remember what or where.

I'm using:

my $req = Apache2::Request->new( $r ); # via handler
my $upload = $req->upload( "uploadFile" ) or return $self->error( "No 
Upload File Found..." );
my $file = $upload->filename or return $self->error( "No File Name 
Found..." );
my $fh = $upload->fh;
my $size = $upload->size or return $self->error( "Empty File Size..." );

When a client presses cancel in their browser, I get the following 
error after a bit of time

[Tue Mar 21 16:14:08 2006] [error] [client] (70007)The 
timeout specified has expired: ap_get_brigade failed during prefetch, 

How can I get it to cancel the request internally when the client 
cancels in the browser?
Our mod_perl server is behind another server that proxies to it.

Also is there any good reading someone can point me at to figure out 
how to do file upload
feedback, e.g. letting someone know how much of their file is uploaded, 
bandwidth, error
feedback, etc...

Boysenberry | |

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