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From "Jason Younker" <>
Subject Cookies in IE/Non-dev libapreq2 version for apache2?
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 00:21:53 GMT
Hello All,

I recently upgraded to the following (on a rhel3 box mason2.2):

Everything has been running fine on my linux dev box (using firefox 1.5). 
However, when I switch over to my windows box and use internet explorer, I 
can't get any cookie info.

Here is a simple test which shows the problem (where $r below is an 
Apache2::RequestRec object):


my $jar = Apache2::Cookie::Jar->new($r);
$m->out("Jar Status: ". $jar->status() ."<br>");


In Firefox 1.5 (linux/windows), this prints: "Jar Status: Success"
In IE 6.0.28 (windows), I am getting: "Jar Status: Missing input data"

Of course I would like to go on and gather data on/manipulate cookies (which 
I can do just fine in FF), but for IE the object I get back is undef and 
thus blows up in my face.

At this point, I want to install a reliably stable, non-dev version of 
libapreq2 so that I be sure the problem is not something with a 
Apache2::Cookie stuff. Or, better yet, if you have *any* ideas where I have 
gone wrong (missing module, perhaps an entry missing from my httpd.conf), I 
would really, really appreciate any suggestions.



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