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From Fred Moyer <>
Subject Re: [RT] what's the roadmap?
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 07:05:01 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
>>I think that's a good idea, so long as dev@httpd
>>can withstand the occasional question about our
>>perl glue.  Someday I'd actually like to see
>>trunk/glue/perl moved over to mod_perl's trunk,
>>and our C code folded into httpd somehow, but 
>>that may take some time doing.
> in principle I don't mind this idea, and we can certainly consider taking
> the perl glue under the mod_perl project.  I guess the more difficult part
> would be in deciding how to package things so that it's the least complex
> for the end user.

 From the experiences I have had talking to people on the mod_perl list 
about mod_perl2, the most common issue for users coming from mod_perl 1 
is how to handle the request data other than using $r->args or CGI.  I 
think that having the perl glue install alongside the standard mod_perl 
libraries would be ideal.

IMHO, a sizable chunk of mod_perl first timers are looking to process 
arguments from a form, which can of course be done with CGI but having 
native libraries to handle this would be a big win.  Make the perl glue 
libs readily available to the user with a standard mod_perl install.

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