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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: [RT] what's the roadmap?
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 20:20:42 GMT
Hi Joe,

First, congrats and thanks for 2-2.07.

Everything sounds great (well, maybe except for the words "that may
take some time doing" ;-)

My question: currently, there is one big libapreq2-2.07.tar.gz; Why
don't we split it into two files, one for the "C glue", a candidate for
the integration into httpd (or apr/apr-util?), and the second, Perl
glue, depnding on the former, a candidate for integration into

I believe that axing the Perl from the base library may clean the
fears of the httpders, while having the C in httpd/apr and having only
Perl in the Perl-glue (that depends on a standard stuff which was
integrated into httpd/apr) may help the mod_perl guys to integrate it.

Eli Marmor
Netmask (El-Mar) Internet Technologies Ltd.
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Fax.:   +972-9-766-1314          P.O.B. 7004
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