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From "Michael McLagan" <>
Subject 2.07 breaks "perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/var/tmp/..."
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 22:00:38 GMT

   A process used to make RedHat RPM files (I have my own spec) which worked
in 2.06 isn't working any more.  The specific command is:

      perl Makefile.PL PREFIX=/var/tmp/libapreq2-2.07-root/usr

   In 2.06, this built everything and properly installed the files under that 
directory.  In 2.07, the result is:

    checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles... no
    Can't open perl script "PREFIX=/var/tmp.../usr": No such file or directory
    configure: error: Bad apache2 binary (/usr/sbin/httpd)

   Using --prefix= didn't produce the right result either.  Everything under
the lib/perl5 directory was in /usr instead of /var/tmp/.../usr.  Not a 
disaster, but doesn't make for a successful RPM creation either.

   Seems that the change in acinclude.m4 and/or aclocal.m4 (I don't know
enough about autoconf [other than that's what's involved] to know which file
is the source) where:

     prereq_check="$PERL build/"


     prereq_check="$PERL $PERL_OPTS build/"

is the culprit.  If I take the PERL_OPTS variable out, everything seems to go
back to what 2.06 did.  Almost.  I found another place where the same basic
thing happens, an internal invocation of "perl $PERL_OPTS Makefile.PL $MM_OPTS".

   Some further digging and I found --with-mm-opts which seems to have been
added between the 2 versions but didn't get added into the changes file.  If I
change my RPM spec file to read:

        perl Makefile.PL --with-mm-opts="PREFIX=/var/tmp/.../usr"

   It seems to work this last time through the process.  At least as far as
I can tell -- the file lists for the two RPMs is about the same +/- a few 
HTML files.  It worries me that the original invocation of Makefile.PL isn't
getting the "PREFIX=..." thing the way it expects (although I didn't follow
the usage of mm_opts enough to see if that's somehow addressed in the changes)
and that I may be missing something as a result.

   It seems to me that how PERL_OPTS is built from leftover command line args
might need some adjustment since there's now a differentiation between it and
the newer MM_OPTS.  I don't have any particularly insightful suggestions, other
than the obvious one -- put it back! :)  In the alternative, a note in Changes
would be nice.

   Thanks for your efforts,



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