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From "Philip M. Gollucci" <>
Subject Re: Apache2::Cookies - getting all names
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 01:17:57 GMT
 >Joe Sschaefer wrote:
 >-1.  We need to fix cookies(), not fetch().  Patch cookies()
 >so it actually works as documented.

If I'm reading the docs for Apache2::Cookie::Jar correctly, we don't 
have function that will get alls cookies as an array we just have these 

     $cookie = $j->cookies("foo");  # first foo cookie
     @cookies = $j->cookies("foo"); # all foo cookies
     @names = $j->cookies();        # all cookie names

If you add in Apache2::Cookie->fetch()

     my $cookies = Apache2::Cookie->fetch($r); #
     my %cookies = Apache2::Cookie->fetch($r);

Whats missing from that is

@cookies = $j->cookies() # all COOKIES (PERIOD)

which is really what I wish $j->cookies() would do instead of names.

I sort of agree with Jeff in that we should add

@names = $j->cookie_names() # all cookie names

in conjunction with the above.

I agree with not changing fetch().

And in fact, fetch would break down if you have multiple cookies of the 
same name?


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