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From "R. Mattes">
Subject Re: Bug#321955
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 14:52:49 GMT
On Sat, 13 Aug 2005 00:54:41 +0200, Max Kellermann wrote:

> On 2005/08/13 00:42, "Steinar H. Gunderson" <> wrote:
>> BTW, I wasn't really aware that there _were_ that many ways to use
>> libapreq2.  If there are useful ones which for some reason aren't
>> supported by my packaging, I'd be happy to hear about them.
> libapreq can be used for request parsing in:
> - CGI programs written in C
> - CGI programs written in Perl
> - Apache 2 C modules
> - Apache 1 C modules
> - mod_perl 2 request handlers
> - more libapreq2 bindings will be added in the future.
> Each of these environments requires its own set of dependencies.
> Merging several of them into one Debian package leads to the
> dependency problems which I would like to prevent..

Cheers from here :-)
 I was just going to post a bug report an then discovered this thread.
I just wrote a Apache2 module for our servers an (foolishly?) used
libapreq2 to handle parameter parsing (mod_apreq2 to be more precise).
I was, erm, astonished about the dependencies when i tried to compile
the Debian sources ....

 Cheers Ralf Mattes 
> Max

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