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From Maxim <>
Subject apreq_handle_apache2 segfaults
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 13:25:34 GMT
Hi all!

The following problem with my module:
wherever i try to call apreq_handle_apache2, my module leads to segfault
during request processing.

FOr example, I tried to do the following thing:

static int mod_tut1_fixups(request_rec *r)
	fprintf(stderr, "FIXUPS");
	req_h = apreq_handle_apache2(r);

	return DECLINED;

and this lead to segfault in every request. I don't know at what stage 
of request processing, but must be very early, because I didn't see that
"FIXUPS" message, which this hook where supposed to output.

Any example of actually using this apreq_hadle_request would be 
really-really helpful!

Thanks in advance!

Maxim Sloyko

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