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From "Nikolay Ananiev" <>
Subject Re: [APREQ1] Compile error on Win32
Date Tue, 23 Aug 2005 11:21:29 GMT
>> "Randy Kobes" <> wrote in message
>>> On Sun, 31 Jul 2005, Nikolay Ananiev wrote:
>>>> "Randy Kobes" <> wrote in message
>>> [ ... ]
>>>>> Did you build mod_perl (and Perl) on your own? VC++ 7 (the
>>>>> .NET framework), which you're using, has some
>>>>> incompatibilities, in principle, with VC++ 6, which is what
>>>>> ActivePerl is compiled with.
>>>> Yes, I've built MP on my own.
>>> Did you also build Perl using VC++ 7? Or are you using
>>> ActivePerl? The problem with using ActivePerl (which is
>>> built with VC++ 6) and compiling extensions with VC++ 7 is
>>> that the two versions use different C runtime libraries.
>>> These are responsible for I/O and for memory
>>> allocation/deallocation, so one can run into trouble, eg, if
>>> one runtime lib (from an extension built with VC++ 7)
>>> allocates a chunk of memory and a different runtime lib
>>> (from Perl, built with VC++ 6) tries to deallocate it;
>>> it may try to dellocate a the wrong block of memory.
>> Perl is the standard ActivePerl binary from ActiveStates.
>> Thanks for the help, Randy.
>Unfortunately, I don't have access to VC++ 7 at the
>moment, so I can't say for sure that this is the
>problem (I did verify that compiling libapreq using
>VC++ 6 with ActivePerl passes all the tests). So you
>might try compiling Perl with VC++ 7 - it should
>compile OK. Let us know if this helps.

I've recompiled perl, apache and mod_perl with .NET
and now all tests pass. I guess you can commit your

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