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From "Nikolay Ananiev" <>
Subject Loading Apache2::Request under CGI on Win32
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 17:30:56 GMT
I'd like my application to do the following:

if(eval{require Apache2::Request}) {
} else {

This works with mod_perl on Win32, but has problems under CGI (again on

The problem appears when  libapreq2.dll and are not in
When eval{require Apache2::Request} is executed, on the desktop appears a
message saying that libapreq2.dll could not be found in the path.
This would hold the perl process until the administrator hits OK.
Is there any way to prevent this message from showing up?
Or maybe there should be a warning while installing apreq2 that in order to
use Apache2::Request under CGI, libapreq2.dll and must be in
the PATH?

I know I can just add the missing paths to the environment, but I'm going to
sell my application and I'd like to prevent the problems that may appear on
my clients' servers.

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