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From "Philip M. Gollucci" <>
Subject Re: Apache2::Cookie odd return values
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 16:57:07 GMT
John ORourke wrote:
> Right, I've solved my problem with a hack and some RTFSing, but I think 
> I've found a bug either in the docs or Apache2::Cookie...
> Basically if I read cookies like this:
> $cookie_hash_ref = APR::Request::Apache2->handle($r)->jar();
> it works, I can treat the return as a hash of cookies.
> However, if I (following the Apache2::Cookie man page) go:
> $jar=Apache2::Cookie->new($r);
> foreach $name ($jar->cookies()){ blah blah }
> then the names are actually the full baked header value (eg. "name=value")
> I have to crack on with my project but I'll leave that one with you.  
> Phil, thanks for the pointers and the cookie recipes in the FAQ!
> John
Likely this change in the API caught you (2.05-dev and up)

Perl API [joes]
   Move bake, bake2 to Apache2::Cookie, now requiring
   an extra $r argument.  Also ""-operator is mapped
   to as_string() for Apache2::Cookie;  but APR::Request::Cookie
   maps it to value().


(2.06-dev and up)
Perl API [joes]
Drop support for Apache2::Cookie::Jar::new's VALUE_CLASS. 2.05-dev broke 
that API, and it's not worth trying to fix. People who need that should 
use APR::Request::Cookie::Table's cookie_class() API instead.

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