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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject AT_skip
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2005 05:17:45 GMT
With the current apreq2 svn sources, I'm finding a problem
with the first 3 tests of library/t/parsers.c on Win32,
which use AT_skip() to skip them. The tests run, and
AT_skip() is invoked, but then these tests are reported as
failed. What's puzzling is that this worked before, but I've
since upgraded my system to Perl-5.8.7, so I think it's
something to do with the upgrade.

I'm wondering though about AT_skip(), which is defined
within library/t/at.h to print out
   "not ok %d - %s (%d) #skipped: %s (%s:%d)"
However, skip() within Perl's does
  my $ok = "ok $ntest # skip";
  $ok .= " $whyskip" if length $whyskip;
  $ok .= "\n";
  print $TESTOUT $ok;

Should AT_skip() print "ok ...", rather than "not ok ..."?
If I change this to do so, then the tests are reported as
all pass; however, the message that these tests have been
skipped aren't seen.

Apart from the above, all tests on Win32 pass.

best regards,

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