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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Generated spool file okay to copy after parse?
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 15:48:06 GMT
Jeffrey Horner <> writes:

> I don't claim expertise at understanding the Perl glue, but you might
> have a bug on your hands for the Apache2::Params::upload_link()
> function. If the brigade limit was set during parsing such that a file
> upload brigade contained heap buckets and a spool bucket at the end,
> then upload_link() looks like it may just copy the spool bucket,
> ignoring the heap buckets.

As I said, we cheat.  When the spool bucket is first constructed,
the previous heap buckets are written directly to the spool file.
The remainder of the upload is then appended directly to the file.
This cheat is what makes upload_link() actually work right.

> Regardless, since libapreq already exposes the spool bucket file via
> the api call apreq_brigade_spoolfile(), plus the fact the the Perl
> glue uses it, I think it's a safe bet that the api will support some
> sort of access to the tmp file created in the future.

Exactly.  We'll need to do something intelligent to deal
with the situation; apreq_brigade_spoolfile is really a 
first pass at it.  I'm just hesitant to endorse it as the
final solution for libapreq2.

Joe Schaefer

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