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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Generated spool file okay to copy after parse?
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 14:33:39 GMT
Jeffrey Horner <> writes:

> I'm not sure I like the idea of spooling the files to a tmp file just
> to copy them to another tmp file, which will ultimately be copied to
> another file by the script writer. Imagine this cost with a 500Mb file.

I understand it's a tricky balance.  IMO the right thing for us to do 
in apreq-dev@ is add some kind of apreq_brigade_link_file() which 
understands hard links (when available).  That's pretty much what we 
already do in the perl glue, and we could just promote that code to 
the C API.

> My next idea is to create a hook to siphon off all the brigades for
> file params and write to the tmp files myself. This way, I'm using
> the libapreq api and not presuming what the internals do...
> How's that sound?

Certainly doable, but I think it'd be overkill.  We deal with these 
exact same issues (by cheating and peeking at the spool bucket 
implementation) in the perl glue, so having a common C API makes the
most sense to me.

Joe Schaefer

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