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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: On distributing libapreq2
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 02:59:53 GMT
Jeffrey Horner <> writes:

> Okay, I'm to the part where I've identified the functionality of libapreq2
> (proper, just the library without mod_apreq2) that I want to use in my
> apache2 module (mod_R, R is the statistical language). Now I've got to solve
> distribution of my module with libapreq2, and I'd like to get your input.
> I could distribute the whole source package with mod_R, build it and
> install just libapreq2.os.*. This seems the simplest, but folks who
> already have libapreq2 installed AND in use will run into problems.

I think this is the best route, even after httpd includes libapreq2.
You could also include an --with-apreq2=/path/to/apreq2-config option 
in mod_R's configure script, which would use the previously installed 
version of libapreq2 and ignore the version you're actually shipping
with mod_R.  Doing that would also help us improve our 

> I could add the libapreq2 objects to my mod_R shared library upon
> install, but wouldn't folks who already have a version of libapreq2
> installed and in use still have problems, multiply defined symbols and
> whatnot? 

Right- not a good idea.

> Any other options? I sure hope the apache httpd project integrates
> libapreq2 soon so I won't have to worry about this...

I think we'll all have to worry about it even after they
include libapreq2, because we'll still need to make 
independent releases of libapreq2 for the foreseeable
future.  We just try to avoid major collisions in the

Joe Schaefer

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