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From Adam Prime <>
Subject APR::Request::Param::Table
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2005 20:50:05 GMT
are the add and set functions implemented in this module?  I'm getting
errors like this:

Can't locate object method "set" via package "APR::Request::Param::Table"
Can't locate object method "add" via package "APR::Request::Param::Table"

I was trying to get $r->param('blah' => whatever)  to work, then I
noticed that perldoc Apache2::Request says this:

       * You must use the "Apache::Request::Table" API via "scalar
$req->args" or "scalar $req->body" to assign new parameters
       to the request.  You may no longer use the two-argument method
calls; e.g.
                     $req->param("foo" => "bar"); # NO: usage error in 2.X
                     $req->args->{foo} = "bar";   # OK: assign to args table
                     $req->body->add(foo => "bar");  # OK: add to body table

                     $req->param->add(foo => "bar"); # NO: this is an
expensive noop,
                                                     # because the
param table is
                                                     # generated by
overlaying $req->args
                                                     # and $req->body.

                     my $params = $req->param;
                     $params->set(foo => "bar"); # OK: sets "foo"
entry in $params, which
                                                 # is a local (args +
body) table. Neither
                                                 # $req->args,
$req->body, nor future calls
                                                 # to $req->param, are
affected by mods to
                                                 # $params.

Maybe i'm reading this wrong, but i'd think that the lines commented
with OK will work, but I can't get any them to.


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